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Get Rid of Jock Itch Easily!

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Get Rid of Jock Itch Easily!

Jock itch is a disease which can affect any person. It is not dangerous, but very unpleasant and inconvenient. In this article, you will learn what causes jock itch, how to cure it and how to prevent recurrence.

Jock itch is a disease that brings with it various troubles and problems. By definition, jock itch is a kind of eczema, caused by a skin fungus, which affects the external genital organs and the skin near them, causing severe itching and redness.

It is considered a disease of male athletes because the main causes of the fungus are a large amount of sweat in combination with tight clothes and the inability to wash this sweat off in a timely fashion.

However, sores of jock itch can be present on people of any sex and those who don’t play sports at all.

Definition of Jock Itch

Dr. Evan Rieder defines jock itch as follows: it is an infection caused by several types of fungus that affects the skin of the groin area. Like any other fungus, this infection in more powerful in people with reduced immunity and both women and men can be affected.

However, males are more susceptible to jock itch, since tight clothing often irritates their genital and invites the fungus to grow.

This problem is quite common and has various forms – from mild to severe. Fortunately, this fungus is easily treatable.

Get rid of jock itch easily

What Are the Reasons and Ways to Get Jock Itch

Why is jock itch called the athlete’s disease? Because the most favorable environment for the reproduction of the fungus is observed during and after exercise:

  • wet and hot skin;
  • intense sweating;
  • poor airing.

These conditions are especially pleasant for bacteria if a person does not have the opportunity to take a shower immediately after a workout.

Of course, not all athletes have these problems. People with chronic incurable diseases (for example diabetes) are the main victims of this fungus. With such health problems, an infectious disease occurs fairly quickly, and its treatment can be difficult due to reduced immunity. Moreover, sweat is an excellent breeding ground for fungus, so getting rid of it can be quite problematic. The periodic appearance of the disease and its treatment may continue for years.

Main Signs and Symptoms to Detect It on Time

Burning in the groin areaThe fungus is easy to cure if it is detected in early on. Therefore, it is very important to notice the first symptoms of it. These include:

  • horrible itching and burning in the groin area;
  • rash in the armpit, near the penis, vagina, anus, and foreskin. This rash can be oozing sometimes;
  • you have a terrible odor, like a bum;
  • in some cases, bleeding may occur.

Whatever the location of the eczema, it will manifest as described above. Be careful during self-examination, as the initial signs of the fungus can be confused with pimples or blisters. The disease may look like eczema or a skin abrasion, so sometimes self-diagnosis can be difficult. Whatever the description of the clinical picture, it is better not to self-medicate, especially if you are not sure about the diagnosis. Your doctor will prescribe a treatment (cream, powder or spray), and the right medicine will help you to get rid of jock itch forever. It is necessary to treat the fungus immediately because leaving the disease untreated for many days can cause various complications.

The Treatment of Jock Itch

If this problem is recurrent, and you are sure about the diagnosis, you can try to treat the fungus by yourself. In pharmacies, you can easily find a suitable over-the-counter antifungal agent that will help you get rid of jock itch quickly. Usually, this treatment lasts for several weeks. If improvement does not occur after this time, then you should consult with a doctor.

In order for eczema to pass as soon as possible, you need to follow the stages of treatment:

  • wash the affected area with gel, soap or shampoo;
  • dry your skin. Do not use the same towel for your face and the affected skin. This can lead to the transmission of the fungus to healthy areas;
  • apply medication or medicated plaster.

Treatment must continue even after the symptoms disappear. Since spores of the fungus can live for some time, itching can return if the medication is stopped too soon.

Is it possible to cure a fungus without drugs? Theoretically, if immunity is significantly enhanced and high humidity in infected locations is avoided, it can pass by itself. Still, why wait so long if there are a lot of effective and inexpensive drugs?

Do not consider the removal of the affected skin by peeling – this can lead to the appearance of wounds.

Best Medicines

LamisilWhat is the most effective cure for jock itch? The best medicine, of course, must be chosen by the attending physician. The fact is that there are a lot of types of fungi, and there is an optimal treatment for each of them. Topical medications are usually characterized by versatility and a wide spectrum of action.

Powder containing zinc oxide is good at dealing with jock itch diagnosed at early stages. It absorbs excess moisture, dries the skin and prevents the infection from spreading. Baby powder and talcum powder can also be used to reduce skin moisture. These ingredients for treatment can be bought at any pharmacy, and their price is very cheap.

Tolnaftate and clotrimazole have been proven to work fairly well. It is best to grind them with talcum powder and then apply to the skin, as oily ointment creates a moist environment, and this interferes with treatment.

If after a few weeks of this treatment you do not notice any improvement, then you need to consult with a doctor. Allergic dermatitis, psoriasis, and several other skin diseases look the same as a fungus, but they require a completely different treatment.

By prescription, you can purchase very powerful antifungal agents – Lamisil, Desenex, Terrasil Anti-Fungal Treatment Max, Hydrocortisone, Lotrimin and others. They not only combat the illness but also effectively relieve inflammation and soothe the skin.

Home Remedies

Often, before going to a doctor, people try to cure ailments by self-medicating, with the help of some home remedy. Jock itch is easily curable, so you can try to cure it with improvised means.

Baking soda has a drying, discoloration and alkalizing effect. It also soothes and relieves inflammation. After treating the skin with baking soda, it should be dried well and followed by the application of a thin layer of cornstarch. Be careful – too frequent use of baking soda can cause harm, irritation, and cracks on the skin.

Eating garlic helps to strengthen the immune system and has a powerful antibacterial effect. You can also turn garlic into a paste (you can add to it honey or olive oil) and apply it to the affected areas for 10 minutes. To make this compress as effective as possible, you need to put a bandage over the garlic paste, and fix it with a strap or some tape.

Ayurveda advises to normalize nutrition in order to make the skin cleaner. There is logic in this, since improper diet impairs immunity, and this contributes to the appearance of various diseases. A lot of females adhering to an unhealthy diet are weakening their immunity and put themselves at risk of catching jock itch.

It is important to know that home remedies can have unpredictable results. If after a few weeks nothing has changed or the situation has become worse, then you should visit a doctor. The most stubborn proponents of home remedies often need much longer treatment than others.

Jock Itch Prevention

ShowerLike any other disease, jock itch is much easier to prevent than to cure. Prevention is not difficult, you just need to follow simple rules:

  • always take a shower after work and training;
  • wear only natural fabrics;
  • underwear, especially feminine, must be natural and breathable;
  • if possible, avoid very tight clothing that prevents the skin from breathing;
  • wear only clean clothes;
  • choose products without aggressive chemicals for washing clothes;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle and eat nutritious food to boost your immunity.

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