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The Highest Paying Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program

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Are you a successful webmaster looking for the highest paying online pharmacy affiliate program? Look no further. Here, we offer our affiliates the highest commissions which vary between 40%-50% with additional opportunities available to those who perform well with our affiliate program. We also offer our affiliates ways to succeed because we know our success is based on the success of our affiliates so when you succeed, so do we. What makes our program the best and highest paying is the way that we help our affiliates. See below to learn more about how to get in on this one-of-a-kind opportunity. We provide the best prices to buy Viagra online ($0.79 on average per 100mg tablet), 7 days shipping to the U.S. and great customer experience!

Highest Paying Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program Viagra Market

About Our Highest Paying Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program

Our program provides quality medications to those who need them at an affordable price. These medications include generic forms of treatments for those who suffer from ED, or, Erectile Dysfunction including Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Our discrete program allows our customers to treat their condition in a discreet manner while you, our affiliate, earns top commission for the customers that are drawn in through your affiliate links. Just a few of the benefits that our online pharmacy affiliate program offers include:

  • 40%-50% commissions on all sales (average sale of $150)
  • Structured, one-on-one support available for all affiliates
  • Tracking systems that help you market your affiliate account
  • Additional benefits for high achievers
  • Weekly payouts through wire transfer and other payment institutions
  • After bringing at least one sale, affiliates can claim a set of 50 free samples to make photos of unpacking our products and test out our delivery speed

Program Details

Conversion Action Pay-Per-Sale Online purchase with processed valid payment
Commission Type 40% – 50% Pay-Per-Sale for each sale you deliver
Payout Schedule Monday Payments are made every Monday
Payout Requirements No No minimum balance required
Additional Terms Yes Commissions are being earned on net sales only (shipping charges are excluded)
Payment Methods Users From the US Debit or Credit Cards, eCheck (additional 10% off), Bitcoin (additional 35% off). These payments options are visible for users located in the US only (detected by user’s IP address)
Payout Methods Affiliates Worldwide ePayments, Bitcoin (recommended, no fee), Wire transfer to your bank ($40 fee)
Cookie Duration Lifetime Sign up now!

Our highest paying online affiliate program offers our affiliates many benefits including their own private label for those who go above and beyond in their performance. We also ensure that all payments are made every week with the highest commissions offered in the industry. Through our program, you do not need to worry about making money, just place our proven links ( and banners on your already successful website and watch your commissions start coming in.

Weekly payments through a variety of payment options:

  • Wire transfer to your bank ($40 fee)
  • ePayments (recommended, no fees)
  • Bitcoin (recommended, no fees)

Online Pharma Marketing

Marketing online pharmacies is much easier than it seems. We try to utilize the websites that people are already visiting to advertise the product which is where you, the webmaster, comes in. We provide you with high-quality links and banners that are proven to catch the attention of the prospective customer. When they click on the link or banner on your website, they are directed to a specialized web address where you will earn the commission from the orders that they place. They can then bookmark your page so that when it is time to reorder, they can easily go directly back to the website that you linked them to in the first place. This type of marketing has been proven to be very effective and much less time consuming and costly than your traditional advertising in mainstream media. A few of the benefits of using this highest paying online affiliate program for marketing online pharmacies includes:

  • Costs the company less to advertise while bringing in more customers
  • Keep the overhead costs lower
  • Share only the profits with people like you who have helped make the company a success
  • Less time consuming: No need to come up with advertising campaigns multiple times per year

Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program Products

Our highest paying online affiliate program offers products that are considered generic but are of the highest quality and FDA approved. Our products include free trials and inexpensive supplies of medications including Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, drugs that are typically embarrassing to purchase from a hometown pharmacy.

Free Viagra Samples

Our drugs offer our patients the best possible outcome to treat their condition in the most discreet way possible. Our program provides customers with products they need without the need for them to leave the comfort of their home. Just a few of the benefits our customers enjoy include:

  • Easy, 30-day money back guarantee (returns do not affect your commissions)
  • Discreet ordering and packaging
  • Quick 7-days express shipping to the US

Tracking and Statistics

Through our highest paying online affiliate program, you can track the results of your links and banners. You can see your statistics real-time on an easy to read graph to determine your clientele, where they came from and if and how often they come back to reorder from you. With these tools, you can tweak your campaigns to what is working on what websites. With our unique tracking and statistics tools, you control your success. You see what you need to do to drive more traffic to your affiliate program, our highest paying online pharmacy affiliate program.

Highest Paying Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program StatsSupport

You will receive a welcome packet upon signing up for our highest paying affiliate program but you will still have questions. You can rest assured that your questions will be answered through our support center where there is always a specialist ready to help you succeed. With our highest paying online affiliate program, you will enjoy a team of professionals who are ready and willing to help you see the success you deserve.

The Highest Paying Online Pharmacy Affiliate Program Summary

  • The highest commissions from 40% up to 50% (shipping not included)
  • You get fast, easy and steady payouts every Friday
    (via wire transfer, ePayments or Bitcoin)
  • Tailored commission terms for high-performing affiliates

Why choose us:

  • Lifetime cookie tracking increases commissions from returning customers;
  • Average sale amount of $150 per order;
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) over $400 (2-3 orders);
  • No maximum limits whatsoever on your earnings;
  • Your commissions are unaffected by customer refunds or chargebacks!

Recommended products to promote:

Affiliate Commissions Table:

Total Earnings Commission Rate Avg Number of Refferals
$0 – $2,499 40% Any
$2,500 – $4,999 41% 25
$5,000 – $9,999 42% 48
$10,000 – $24,999 43% 92
$25,000 – $49,999 44% 223
$50,000 – $99,999 45% 431
$100,000 – $249,999 46% 833
$250,000 – $499,999 47% 1,785
$500,000+ 50% 3,125

Generic Viagra Affiliate Tools:

  • Unique link that contains your affiliate marker (
  • Eye-catching banners for the 20 best selling products

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