Tadalafil Recommended Dose, Side Effects, Interactions

For most men, the Tadalafil recommended dose is 20 mg.

For most men, the Tadalafil recommended dose is 20 mg. At this level, a Tadalafil recommended dose is well within safe limits for most men, yet also sufficient to yield good results.

Tadalafil Recommended Dose

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Tadalafil is one of the most popular drugs that is used to treat erectile dysfunction. It is sold under the brand names of Cialis (in the US and the EU) and Tadacip or Tadarise by Sun Pharma (in India) to treat ED. Tadalafil received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for ED in 2003. The drug has since been used by over 10 million men worldwide. Since brand names often cause confusion where generic and branded drugs are concerned, it should be emphasized that Tadalafil, Cialis and Tadacip are exactly the same thing. They have the same chemical composition, the same structure and the same properties. The only difference between them is marketing.

Tadalafil Drug Information

Tadalafil has an important advantage relative to other ED drugs. This is how long it lasts. A single dose of Tadalafil can continue to combat ED for more than 36 hours. While Viagra and Levitra are designed to be ingested ‘as needed’ up to a maximum dosage, Tadalafil can also be taken each day in a smaller dose. This dosage of the drug is sold in the US and the EU under the name ‘Cialis Daily’.

Although Tadalafil lasts much longer than comparable ED drugs, it has exactly the same mechanism of action as the other ED drugs that have received FDA approval.

Tadalafil supports the creation and retention of erections by inhibiting a chemical known as PDE5. PDE5 breaks down a compound named cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). This compound is critical in prompting muscles in the penis to relax, which allows higher volumes of blood to enter the penis in times of sexual arousal, thus facilitating erections. By preventing the breakdown of cGMP, Tadalafil supports blood flow and makes it easier for erections to be created and maintained.

Tadalafil has numerous medical uses besides the treatment of ED. For example, in 2009 it was approved in the US for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. Tadalafil’s vasodilatory properties are useful in this case because they decrease blood pressure and facilitate the flow of blood through the heart. Regulators in numerous regions are evaluating Tadalafil’s effectiveness as a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension, and the drug is expected to be approved for this use in many countries.

Similarly, in 2011 Tadalafil received FDA approval for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is a condition common among older men where the prostate gland becomes enlarged. This can be painful; it impedes the flow of urine and often forces men with the condition to urinate very frequently. Where this condition is concerned, Tadalafil cannot resolve the enlargement of the prostate, but it can substantially reduce the symptoms. Although Tadalafil’s mechanism of action in combating BPH has yet to be understood, its positive impact is clear.

Tadalafil Dosage Instructions

Tadalafil should not be taken more than once in a 36 hour period. It must not be taken in combination with other ED drugs. This is because all FDA-approved ED drugs decrease blood pressure. One cannot, for example, take a Tadalafil recommended dose and a Viagra recommended dose at the same time. A combination of ED drugs would have a cumulative effect in terms of dilating blood vessels, which could give rise to a dangerous decrease in blood pressure.

Tadalafil needs about 15-45 minutes to take effect. Unlike Vardenafil (Levitra) and Sildenafil (Viagra), the uptake of Tadalafil is not delayed by eating certain types of foods.

Tadalafil Recommended Dose 20mg

Tadalafil recommended dose

For most men, the Tadalafil recommended dose is 20 mg. At this level, a Tadalafil recommended dose is well within safe limits for most men, yet also sufficient to yield good results.

If you are aged 65 or older, you may wish to start with a lower dose.

The maximum recommended dosing of Tadalafil

The maximum Tadalafil recommended dose is 60 mg. You should be aware that this is not a daily dose: the relevant period is the length of time Tadalafil remains present in the body. 60 mg is the maximum Tadalafil recommended dose in any given 36 hour period.

Exceeding the maximum Tadalafil recommended dose is never a good idea. If Tadalafil works well for you, that will be apparent to you without taking an overdose. If Tadalafil does not work well for you, taking an overdose is unlikely to change that situation, and it can also be dangerous.

Tadalafil leaves about 80% of men satisfied with the results. Yet for the 20% who do not enjoy good results with the drug, there are other ways to move forward.

It is common for men to find that, while one ED drug does not agree with them, another makes a decisive difference to their sex life. Levitra is effective for about 80% of men, Viagra’s metrics are a full 83%. If Tadalafil fails to boost your sex life, instead of exceeding the maximum Tadalafil recommended dose you should consider trying another ED drug.

Interaction with Other Drugs

Tadalafil has numerous interactions with other drugs. While most of these are relatively harmless, some can be dangerous.

Like all ED drugs, Tadalafil can be unsafe if it is ingested by people who are using organic nitrates or organic nitrites. Organic nitrates such as glyceryl trinitrate are prescribed to reduce chest pain. Organic nitrites are a class of drugs also known as ‘poppers’ that are primarily used for recreational purposes. Both forms of drug reduce blood pressure. Given that Tadalafil also has the effect of reducing blood pressure, people who combine any of these drugs with Tadalafil run a much greater risk of dangerous hypotension. For this reason, people on any of these drugs should always consult with a doctor before taking Tadalafil. Moreover, people taking any of these drugs should also wait at least 48 hours after taking Tadalafil before taking organic nitrates or nitrites again. This ensures that the substances will not be in the body simultaneously.

If you are taking Tadalafil (or any other ED drug), you should avoid eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice. This is because these substances alter the process by which Tadalafil is absorbed into the blood. Tadalafil is designed to be released into the bloodstream over many hours, but grapefruit or grapefruit juice can facilitate extremely rapid absorption. As a result, men who combine Tadalafil and grapefruit or grapefruit juice may take on dangerous concentrations of Tadalafil. One should never eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice less than 24 hours before taking Tadalafil or less than 48 hours after taking Tadalafil.

Below is a list of types of drugs that are known to interact with Tadalafil:

Alpha blockers, Antacids, Antihypertensives, Cytochrome P450 Inducers, Cytochrome P450 Inhibitors, H2 Antagonists, and HIV protease inhibitors.

If you take any of these drugs, you should consult with your doctor before ingesting Tadalafil.

Common Tadalafil Side Effects

Adverse Reactions Reported by Patients Treated with Tadalafil

Headache 5% 11% 11% 15%
Dyspepsia 1% 4% 8% 10%
Back pain 3% 3% 5% 6%
Myalgia 1% 1% 4% 3%
Nasal congestion 1% 2% 3% 3%
Flushing 1% 2% 3% 3%
Pain in limb 1% 1% 3% 3%

Every medication has side effects. Where Tadalafil is concerned, one can minimize any side effects by taking the Tadalafil recommended dose rather than the maximum Tadalafil recommended dose.

Since many millions of men around the world have taken Tadalafil, there are very large datasets available on the prevalence and severity of side effects. The data show that Tadalafil’s side effects are relatively rare and mild.

Of Tadalafil’s side effects, some of the more common are headaches, stomach upsets, acid reflux and having a runny nose.

Less Common Tadalafil Side Effects

Some of Tadalafil’s rare side effects include back pain, muscle aches, blurred vision, memory problems, seizures, chest pain or an irregular heartbeat. In the overwhelming majority of cases, these side effects disappear within one or two days.

Tadalafil and Alcohol

If Tadalafil is mixed with alcohol in large quantities, this can be hazardous to health. Both Tadalafil and alcohol cause blood vessels to dilate. If Tadalafil is consumed alongside a large quantity of alcohol, the fall in blood pressure can be very significant. Consequences can include nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness and fainting.

As we have seen, the effects of Tadalafil last longer than those of other ED drugs. This has important consequences where alcohol consumption is concerned. When you take Tadalafil, you should have low or no alcohol in your bloodstream, and you should avoid any alcohol consumption (or at least minimize it) for at least 36 hours. If you take Tadalafil each day in the form of Cialis daily, you will need to either eliminate alcohol consumption or keep it very low on a permanent basis.