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Art of Spanking for Beginners

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Art of Spanking for Beginners

Light BDSM is a fantasy of a lot of people, but not everyone realizes it. Someone might not be able to get enough courage, someone might be shy, and someone might just does not know how to tell their partner about such desire. In our article, you will find tips on where to start and how avoid mistakes.

Every relationship sometimes needs some wild ride, because people get used to each other and the sharpness and novelty of their feelings disappear. Even if there are no mutual insults and disappointments, the routine can make sex boring and not interesting. Some people prefer to divorce their husband or wife in order to find a partner who seems more interesting in sex. However, in this case, everything will be repeated anew with a high degree of probability.

How to deal with it? On the Internet, you can find a lot of tips from sex therapists on how to deal with this problem, and most often their advice is to try classic role-playing games. Changing roles allows you to take a fresh look at your partner, but is this right for you? Perhaps you have no desire to dress up in a lustful rabbit costume, and your girlfriend does not love the image of a seductive nurse? Or maybe you want something hotter? Good old BDSM comes to the rescue in such situations. Not in its most extreme forms, of course, but even just ordinary slaps can play a role and add to sex the much-needed variety.

Still, even here and there are subtle details and nuances. How do you make it so that spanking does not spoil the relationship completely, but on the contrary brings only benefits? Read the answers in our article.

Why People Enjoy a Little Pain

There are practically no people who will react well to rudeness and love painful sensations, but the infliction of mild pain in sexual relationships excites a lot of people. Slight pain stimulates the nerve endings, making all sensations stronger and the thought of a certain taboo adds sharpness to what is happening. Have you ever thought about how many people fantasize about light BDSM? Then remember how much noise the film Fifty Shades of Gray made and how high its popularity was. Thus, a survey conducted among Americans showed that 22% of them want to be involved in S&M and 24% sometimes dream of getting spanked.

Art of spanking for beginners

The fact is that the physical impact on the buttocks causes a rush of blood in the lower part of the body, including the genitals. It enhances the excitement and sensations during intercourse, and also makes the orgasm stronger. Also, a lot of people have domination fantasies, the realization of which brings pleasure. This does not mean that people who have such fantasies look kinky or go to sex clubs in search of adventures.

There is a category of people who, in view of their profession or character, want to have severe domestic discipline for violation of which they will be punished with a spanking. For them, this often becomes an only way to relieve sexual tension and try an unusual role in life.

Where to begin? This is the case when the tutorial and instructions are not very helpful since the preferences of each couple are very individual. Still, the basics of BDSM and some techniques should be studied. Below there are some tips for beginners, which will be the first step in turning your sexual fantasies into reality.

Ask First

If you have a fantasy about flogging, it’s not a fact that your girlfriend or boyfriend has the same desires. Turning to action without warning, you risk spoiling your relationship with a partner. In order for such sex entertainment to bring pleasure, you must first talk to your partner. What and how to say – depends entirely on the relationship with a partner, but it is very important to convey this information properly and without pressure. Perhaps your partner will gladly respond to your fantasy. Do not immediately offer hard BDSM, as it is better to ask about something playful and light first, since in such a case there is a greater chance that both will be able to receive pleasure. Be sure to discuss possible limitations and concerns.

Even if your lover refuses such role-playing games, the frankness is unlikely will become redundant. A high level of trust can make even familiar sex fantastic.

Jennifer gets spanked

Don’t Be in a Hurry and Make It Properly

During sex, spontaneity can be good, but in the case of spanking and other erotic fantasies and fetish dreams associated with BDSM, the rules are very important. Enjoying light pain is on the verge of unpleasant emotions, and this verge is different for all people. A slightly stronger pain can hurt and too rough actions can cause fear. All this will not bring joy to anybody and will only spoil the relationship. If a person does not have experience, then it is especially important to prepare appropriately and make the first impression pleasant. People practicing BDSM advise others to choose special words-signs that will reflect the state of the partner, in particular – of submissive. The easiest way to use words that denote the colors of the traffic lights is green, yellow, and red. “Green” – everything is fine, you can continue, “yellow” – be more careful and gentle, “red” – stop! Such words will not knock you out from the role, but will help you to understand that with your partner everything is fine.

Carrot and Stick: Reward Your Lover

Common sex may begin with a prelude, or be spontaneous – as you like, but role-playing games with elements of BDSM must begin with an introduction. Remember – pain brings pleasure only when there is sexual arousal. Otherwise, the pain will not cause any pleasant sensations. You can start with exciting touches, conversations, kisses – everything that pleases your girl or guy. The main thing is to create a playful mood correctly. In this case, the tactic of carrot and stick should be used only in strict order – first the carrot, and only then the stick, otherwise there is a risk of a spoiled mood or even the relationship.

It Should Be Safe

Set your limitsYou can have a lot of ideas and fantasies about spankings, but it is very important that their implementation does not harm your partner. It is not only about the harm to their health, but also about some other nuances. Not everyone likes marks on the body that do not pass for several days, so it is advisable to discuss such moments in advance. If lower submissive positions are more preferable for you, then be sure to tell your partner about the permissible limits, as you see them. If the submissive is your partner, then ask in detail about the acceptable boundaries and try not to cross them as your partner is not asking for this.

During spanking, try to hit only on the fleshy part of the buttocks. Beats on parts where the bones are close to the skin may be too painful. It is also important to avoid hitting the sacrum and bottom of the back with your hand, as it can damage the kidneys and cause severe pain.

Poses and Techniques

Choosing a position is something that can confuse a novice. For people without experience, but with a great desire, the position where the submissive lies on the dominant’s knees will be one of the best. This option is good because it gives maximum contact between the two partners. This is important for those who feel a sense of fear or feel uncomfortable.

Additional good positions for a sub are such:

  • leaning on a table or other furniture;
  • lying on the bed.

There is even special furniture for spankings, but do not buy this at the very beginning. The Internet can also help you in choosing a position – thematic videos will become a good guide in this matter.

Try Toys

Leather flogging whipHands are the best tool for spanking during or before sex. However, for people who are looking for absolutely new sensations, special toys such as a paddle, whip, or special belt can be more preferable. In every sex shop, there is a large assortment of such accessories for all tastes.

Often the elements of BDSM are binding and fixing, and someone might like this, but for someone else this option can be unacceptable. At home and without special equipment from the sex shop, you can use a tie or rope. Another interesting option is handcuffs.

Role-Playing – Hard Game for Adults

At first glance, role-playing games seem to be something complicated, but sexologists assure that it only seems like it. A lot of people who have lived together for years and became 100% familiar with each other may feel uncomfortable during non-standard sexual situations. In this case, playing a role will be most beneficial. It is much easier to imagine an unfamiliar woman or man and allow yourself to realize fantasies than to think “This is my wife, the mother of my children! How can this be possible!” The adult games will help you to think in the abstract and completely get rid of the restraint. Moreover, such a reincarnation creates diversity, which strengthens loyalty in long-term relationships.

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