Erectile Dysfunction in Divorced Men

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Erectile Dysfunction in Divorced Men

A lot of men after divorce notice that they have problems with potency. This is the result of severe stress that strikes the entire body. In this article, you will learn how to reduce stress after a divorce and not lose male power, as well as how to get rid of erectile dysfunction, if it has already appeared.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a diagnosis that a lot of men face, and even more men have short-term potency problems appearing from time to time.

Unfortunately, no one can protect themselves against these troubles, because in the life of a modern person there are dozens of factors that negatively affect sexual health, both physical and emotional. Statistics show that a lot of men experience problems with potency after a divorce. It’s no secret that the destruction of the family is a huge stress for any person, and stress is the source of many diseases.

Definition of Erectile Dysfunction

As mentioned earlier, there can be many causes of ED. The most common of them are deterioration of blood circulation and age-related changes in hormonal balance. As evidence shows, both of these problems are not so obligatory for middle-aged men, since everything depends on their lifestyle and the general state of health. In men who care about their health and are actively involved in sports in adulthood, testosterone decreases much more slowly than in their peers, who are used to lying on the sofa with a bottle of beer. This means that a healthy person can live a sexual life up to a very old age, and the age-related changes for a man are not a sentence.

Erectile dysfunctionWhy do problems with potency begin to develop in some men over 40 years of age, and why does their numbers increase with age? Often at this age, people begin to spend more time at work in order to provide a good living for their family, neglecting their appearance and health. After 40 years, a lot of men begin to notice that youth is leaving them, and time speeds up. This can cause melancholy and make a man think about whether he made the right decisions in life. All of the above causes a lot of stress, which, together with reduced health care, leads to impotence.

Despite all the problems in family life, divorce is the most worrying experience, and erectile dysfunction after divorce is quite a common result. It can even occur in perfectly healthy men due to serious psychological problems. For example, some men become so much depressed that for a while they even stop thinking about sex. Often after divorce, it is difficult for a man to imagine someone in a bed next to him.

Restore Your Male Power

If, after the divorce, the man revealed problems with potency, it is very likely that this was due to psychological moments. It is advisable to turn to a psychologist for help, and he will help to restore emotional balance and reduce the pain from the destruction of the family, especially if the wife initiated the divorce. However, if for some reason a man does not want to seek medical help, then it is advisable for him at least not to make common mistakes that are harmful to sexual health. Among them are:

  1. New relationships with someone else. Usually, after a divorce, psychologists recommend waiting a while in order to avoid sorrow and anxiety. This should be done even then if the man himself initiated a divorce – the brain needs time to reload. New relationships do not bring relief as anesthesia, and only exacerbate the situation, as there will be a constant comparison. Against the background of such experiences can be problems with erection.
  2. Isolation from the world. After a divorce, men sometimes retreat into themselves, and this is normal, but the danger arises when such a state becomes prolonged. Withdrawing from hobbies, sports, friends, companies, voluntary retreat – all this leads to bad habits, reduced vitality, and impotence.
  3. DivorceWar with the ex-wife. Relations with the ex-wife rarely end with the divorce, especially if there are children. Instead of occasional communication when necessary, the former spouses begin to fight with each other in order to prove something or to place blame, often involving children. Such battles are harmful to all participants and spoil the nervous system and health. In addition, in a state of hate and tension, it is impossible to build new strong relationships.
  4. Ignoring health problems. Impotence does not occur from nowhere – it is the result of other diseases. After a divorce, a man often gives up, so for him, it is very easy to miss the onset of serious diseases. In addition, stress is often accompanied by overeating, abuse of cigarettes, alcohol, and unwillingness to get up from the couch. Promiscuity also does not increase health.

If a man after a divorce does not try to retreat into himself, then ED on the basis of divorce has very small chance of arising. However, what if this problem has already happened? There are solutions to this problem.

Life After Break Up: Useful Tips to Manage ED

For recurring and persistent signs of ED, it is best to consult with a doctor. He will help you identify the exact cause of the disease and find the right treatment. Some men attribute the symptoms of impotence to stress (which is caused by endocrine disorders), worsened blood circulation or other factors. Such behavior aggravates the situation and complicates further treatment. If stress has already passed, and life has returned to its former course, and problems with erectile function have not disappeared, then specialist consultation is necessary.

You can help yourself if you start to eat healthy foods, play sports, give up bad habits, and avoid unnecessary worries. A good night’s sleep and vitamins also have a beneficial effect on men’s health. On our blog, you can find many natural and harmless recipes to improve male sexual drive, such as celery salad, ginger tea, pumpkin seeds, and seafood. Dietary supplements containing selenium and zinc will also bring benefits.

How to Cure Impotence

Natural supplements, healthy lifestyle and diet all play a role, but sometimes they are powerless. In such cases, consult with a doctor. In some cases, you can get rid of ED by curing the cause of its occurrence. If this is impossible, then PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors become a good option as they act very quickly and in most cases give the desired result. This is their main difference from vitamins and supplements that act very slowly.

Online pharmacyPDE5 inhibitors, which include the legendary Viagra, help to treat ED that is caused by psychological or physiological reasons. Therefore, if due to stress you have noticed problems with potency, do not hesitate – these drugs will help you quickly and efficiently.

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