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Best Premature Ejaculation Natural Treatments

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Best Premature Ejaculation Natural Treatments

Premature ejaculation may become a real concern and hinder one’s normal sex life. From a wide range of different kinds of treatment, it’s desirable for some individuals to start with small doses or natural remedies.

Premature ejaculation (further PE) affects almost every third man in the world at some point of their life. It appears in young men who are not experienced enough and lack skills in controlling their physical reactions and emotions. Most mature men face this ailment because of psychological problems, such as stressful conditions, disturbances, problems in relationships, or previous sexual experiences. Sometimes PE may happen due to an imbalance of particular chemical elements entering the brain.

Most PE cases don’t require targeted therapy and may get better on their own over time. Anyway, a healthy lifestyle significantly helps in overcoming PE and improving sexual functions.

Are there any facilities to cope with this worrisome condition without medications? Are natural remedies effective enough to manage it? Let’s discuss some popular herbs and methods that have proven to keep PE under control and help men to get rid of this concern.

Natural Solutions for Premature Ejaculation

There are various techniques and methods to stop PE. Ordinary things that surround us and our everyday food can contribute to this combat. We accept lots of things and products for granted, not knowing about their hidden healing characteristics. Our ancestors were more connected with nature than we are, so it would be silly to neglect their experience and wisdom. Nowadays, the recognition of the healing power of most herbal substances extracted from plant leaves, flowers, and seeds is undergoing a revival. Scientists have uncovered new herbal qualities and possibilities, identical to those produced by PE drugs. Some herbs work as homeopathic therapy.

Get ready for the fact that natural solutions are always a consecutive and slow process, so don’t expect effective results within one night. At first treatment stages, most men feel zero or little progress. Be patient to get the expected reward. With time, you will notice that PE symptoms slow down and finally stop entirely. It may take a few weeks or months. However, the result is worth waiting. Share your therapy idea with a partner, because friendly support and understanding are very important.

Best premature ejaculation natural treatments

Along with the natural remedies that we are going to overview, there are also various rules and advice that should be recommended to every man. Those males who are not diagnosed with PE may follow these rules to prevent the probable appearance of the disorder:

  • avoid excessive alcohol and smoking;
  • say “no” to products that contain preservatives and sugar;
  • eat plenty of fruit and vegetables (especially, green leafy ones);
  • add fish to your diet;
  • involve vital vitamins and minerals;
  • say “yes” to sport/dancing/yoga.

Before you start therapy, have a full body examination at your doctor’s to determine the genuine cause of your PE. Whenever it is physical or psychological, it should be treated by a specialist.

9 Powerful Herbs

Certain herbs are able to restore and amplify erection functions, producing a proper amount of testosterone necessary to maintain hard erections. They strengthen ejaculatory nerve endings for better ejaculation control and stimulate the production of nitric oxide.

Here are the most effective Chinese herbs able to perform all these alterations.

Nacre(or Zhen Zhu Mu) This herb reduces anxiety, calms the nerves for restful sleep, and improves ejaculation disorders.
Astragalus Complanatus (Flatstem Milkvetch Seed or Sha Yuan Zi) This plant contains flavonoids with anti-inflammatory properties. It also prevents semen from leaking.
Cuscuta (or Tu Si Zi) This herb contains a number of compounds which increase the firmness of erectile tissues. It is known to amplify male fertility and to increase the production of nitric oxide.
Curculigo(or Xian Mao) This plant increases sperm count and strengthens erections. It shows more promising results in maintaining erections in diabetic patients.
Cnidium (or She Chuang Zi) This herb is known for increasing sexual stimulation. It improves erection quality and serves as a vaginal bacteria killer.
Ostrea Gigas (or Mu Li) This oyster shell is rich in minerals and calcium. It calms over-stimulated nerves, replenishes calcium, and helps to control PE.
Panax Ginseng This plant is popular for its anti-fatigue abilities. It enhances mental resistance and endurance and increases nitric oxide for better sexual activity.
Schisandra (or Wu Wei Zi) This herb increases genital sensitivity and blood circulation. It gives energy to sexual organs and serves as a tonic for sexual and mental exhaustion.
Tribulus (or Ji Li) This plant increases the testosterone level, as well as eliminates PE and low sex drive. It stimulates sperm production and better quality. It is considered a good prostate and urinary tract healer.

The combination of these botanic resources in a correct proportion helps to overcome PE. They increase erection quality and amplify penile blood flow, having one more beneficial bonus: no adverse reactions.

Simple Aphrodisiacs You Didn’t Know

Agents that boost sexual desire and treat different sexual disorders are called aphrodisiacs. They have been widely used since ancient times. Some of them are available now, and they can be found in the nearest supermarket and brought to your table at home.

Basil It is eaten fresh and is common in Italian cuisine. It amplifies blood circulation, stimulates sexual drive, and increases general well-being.
Arugula Fresh leaves can be used in salads or slightly cooked. It restores poor sexual functions, increases libido, and boosts testosterone.
Cinnamon It is usually added to bakery products and drinks. It stimulates penile blood flow, while its smell promotes sexual excitement in men.
Nutmeg This spice is added to a number of dishes. It enhances libido and sexual function and treats various sexual disorders.
Oysters These marine products can be eaten fried or grilled. They include rare amino acids and zinc that increase testosterone level and sperm production.
Pumpkin seeds They can be eaten raw or baked. The seeds contain zinc and magnesium, helpful for testosterone secretion into the blood.
Tomato This vegetable is wholesome either in salads or as juice. It improves muscles control and calms nerves.
Watermelon It can be consumed fresh or in drinks and yogurts. It contains important amino acids that relax blood vessels and amplify blood circulation in the genital area.
Dates These fruits contain flavonoids that enhance sperm quality, while their sugar is converted into energy for sexual activity.

There is a great variety of other powerful aphrodisiacs that can be chosen up to your taste. For example, regular tea with the leaves of tongkat ali helps to achieve the same sexual enhancing effect.

Helpful Food Combinations & Recipes

Sexual disorders often happen because of increased stress levels and poor nutrition. The role of food in our life should not be underestimated, because it plays a significant role for general well-being. Meals are an effective part of any treatment course and a sound foundation of overall health. However, consuming wholesome products rich in vitamins and minerals doesn’t work on its own.

Healthy foodCombined with particular medications and supplements, they provide our body a good groundwork and give more energy to fight against underlying diseases. Proper nourishment is able to improve our mood, regulate our weight, and supply energy. It is a proven fact that reducing sugar, salt, and fat gives a positive impact on male sexual health. Reconsider your food regime and involve the following products from the list:

  • oats;
  • eggs;
  • leafy greens;
  • cereals;
  • dark chocolate;
  • nuts (walnuts, almonds);
  • mushrooms;
  • all kinds of berries;
  • beans;
  • asparagus;
  • lean meat.

Filling up your body with essential minerals and vitamins positively affects the male sex drive as well. Fish, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, increases the level of testosterone. Cheese, liver, and milk have vitamin D, as well. Zinc also promotes testosterone production and boosts libido. Cereals (wheat, oats, barley) contain iron, riboflavin, and thiamine. Brown rice includes fiber that raises the serotonin level, which is beneficial for hormonal imbalance. Food rich in folic acid prevent artery blockage and increase blood flow. As you can see, a healthy diet helps to keep your body in shape and to eliminate a number of sexual ailments.

Honey and Ginger

GingerGinger is a unique plant which deserves recognition for anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. It stimulates blood flow to sexual organs, which is very beneficial to PE.

There are various recipes for how to consume ginger with milk, honey, or eggs. Honey is a potent aphrodisiac and energy enhancer. Raw (unpasteurized) honey is rich in countless minerals, amino acids, ferments, and vitamins. It has been applied in Ayurvedic medicine for 4000 years. Used for PE and ED treatment and urinary tract diseases, honey is able to cure numerous other disorders.

Mixed with ginger juice, it intensifies the plant’s actions. Swallow one teaspoon of the mixture of both ingredients before going to bed.

Carrot and Boiled Eggs

Carrots are also a large source of vitamins and nutrients that promote blood flow to the male organ. Beta carotene is famous for stabilizing testosterone levels and decreasing anxiety caused by PE.

Grated carrots mixed with boiled chicken eggs (preferably yolk) are a highly recommended remedy for PE. Add a little honey as the third component and consume this mixture daily for at least 3 months. It is an excellent natural way to improve sexual activity and to increase libido. In fact, the carrot shows excellent healing qualities for both women and men in keeping their overall health in check.

Onion Seeds

OnionThe onion is a famous aphrodisiac known since ancient times for its abilities to delay ejaculation and to enhance blood flow. Eaten raw in salads, it is a natural means of increasing libido and strengthening sexual stamina. Experienced users find the white onion more effective than its red and green varieties.

The seeds of green onions are also an outstanding remedy to cope with PE. They are crushed and mixed with water. The drink is consumed 3 times a day before meals. In several weeks, men will get a better control over ejaculation and feel amplifying sexual capacities.


Traditionally, garlic has been the number one product among natural sexual remedies. Its outstanding features work for PE, too. It works as most ED pills by increasing blood circulation to the penis and heating up the body. Chew 3 cloves a day to improve your physical and sexual health.

Lady’s Finger and Asparagus Root

AsparagusLady’s finger (or okra) is a common vegetable in India known for its abilities to treat male sexual disorders. It is comprised of a huge number of vitamins and minerals, and its roots are highly effective in PE, ED, and male infertility treatment. Its root powder is mixed with water or milk and honey. Taken before bedtime for 2 months, this drink eliminates different sexual disorders. The powder can be added into your everyday meals as well.

Asparagus root is another source of vitally important elements, like proteins, alkaloids, tannins, etc. It is consumed as an efficient cure for PE, impotence, and lack of sexual stamina. Asparagus roots are boiled with milk, then the drink is strained off and consumed every day before going to bed. This liquid nourishes cells and purifies blood. It also strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the hormonal balance, and increases estrogen level. With time, it will diminish the problem of PE and enhance male libido.

Secret Remedies from India

India has a particular attitude towards sexuality, which has become a background for the appearance of ancient Veda texts, known as the Kama Sutra. Exploring sex in a philosophical way, the book still attracts the attention of the whole world. India is also regarded as a country of numerous recipes to treat different diseases that are still used in Ayurvedic medicine. Various herbal plants are involved as potent medicines against male sexual disorders. The following healing herbs are carefully selected in one list as the most efficient natural solutions to fix PE and prolong sexual intimacy.


Found in the Himalayan valleys, Shilajit is considered an effective remedy to treat PE. In fact, it is a mineral that includes organic components. It has been formed for several centuries, and now it looks like a semi-solid substance. Such minerals usually get decomposed under snow layers. They give endurance to men and improve body strength. They increase libido and energy levels, and they prevent sexual dysfunctions in a natural way.

Salab Misri

Salab Misri is an orchid typical of cold regions in India. It serves as one more natural alternative to prevent impotence and early ejaculation. As a potent aphrodisiac, the plant improves lovemaking and ensures better sexual performance.


AshwagandhaAshwagandha is an herb that is also known as Indian ginseng. It is scientifically studied and incredibly popular in the country as a natural medicine for sexual disorders. It shows benefits in cases of PE, inflammatory processes, urinary tract infections, insomnia, low testosterone, and low sperm amount. The plant strengthens the organs, amplifies their control and stamina, and increases overall health. As a famous aphrodisiac, it improves libido and serves as a natural energy tonic.

Safed Musli

This plant is one of the best Indian herbal treatments for PE and impotence. As a powerful aphrodisiac, Safed Musli serves as a good stimulant for lovemaking. It improves blood circulation to the genitals and contributes to better erections. Safed Musli significantly increases libido and sperm count. It is considered the source of energy for a male body.

Make a Massage with Castor Oil

Castor oil has been famous since ancient times for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features. It is one of the easiest ways of managing PE, especially in aged men. It is used in massaging the prostate gland being applied to the groin zone from the base of the male organ to the anal orifice. The desired effect is reached due to a massaging process along with the improvement in blood circulation. The procedure is repeated twice a month. Some men report the reduction in penis sensitivity, which helps to control ejaculation.

Special Exercises and Techniques for Male Power

Patients diagnosed with PE and applying for help to urologists are often recommended special techniques that can be beneficial to keep control over ejaculation. It is a complex of various exercises and meditations that helps to train male endurance during sexual activity and prolong it.

Naturally, the first recommendation is physical exercises, which form a body shape giving men more confidence and providing the balanced work of all organs. Besides, training effectively copes with stress and reduces negative emotions.


Another step is to use pelvic floor exercises, or Kegel exercises as they are named after the gynecologist who invented them. Actually, they were intended for pregnant women, but turned out to be beneficial for men as well. So, the main principle is based in squeezing and relaxing muscles in the genital area during the process of urination. Just hold a stream for several seconds and then proceed. The exercises are fulfilled in several sets with short breaks between them. When men have enough practice, so that they can feel where these muscles are located, they can repeat the exercises at any time outside the bathroom. Performed every day for a couple of months, the training strengthens the male pelvic zone, improves muscles tone, and results in better performance during sex. Men will be able to control all actions during intimacy and regulate the erectile process and its duration.

Males can also resort to meditation practice and master some of its breathing techniques. Taking deep breaths during intimacy instead of shallow and short breathing helps to keep early ejaculation under control. This technique slows down the heartbeat, giving the chance to ejaculate in time.

Changing positions during sex is another tested method to stop PE. Choose those positions that put less pressure on the male organ and the glands.

In order to delay ejaculation, think of some abstract things during intercourse. For several seconds ponder over something that is not related to sex and then refocus on your partner again.

Slow down your movements during intimacy, be gentle, and don’t push on your partner. Prolonged foreplay with sex toys before real action will hold your orgasm and automatically postpone PE.

Buy climax-control condoms, for example, covered with benzocaine. Such substances produce a numbing effect on the penis and reduce the intensity of sensations, thus extending sexual activities.

Try any of the recommended tips and share your opinion of the achieved results. Tested by other men, they were highly advantageous for coping with PE.

What to Choose: Medications or Herbs?

Herbal drugsThose men who opt for premature ejaculation natural treatment should realize that all herbs have a cumulative effect and don’t guarantee an improved ejaculation process within a single or couple intakes. You may probably need a couple of months to feel any effects or changes. Some herbs may be also not work in certain cases, and you have to look for another alternative. Bear in mind that some plants may cause unwanted reactions and make the things even worse. Besides, complicated cases of PE will surely require an additional pharmaceutical intervention aside from herbs.

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