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How to Cure ED with Natural Remedies

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How to Cure ED with Natural Remedies

Men with erectile dysfunction may also have a full sexual life, and in some cases it can be obtained naturally as ED is prevented. The treatments listed in the article are applicable, especially for a mild condition of ED.

Erectile dysfunction (or ED) is not a topic that men want to discuss. It is often met with awkward silence or nervous laughter, but an open conversation is always the first step to find an effective solution for the problem. Nowadays, ED is not a verdict and can be successfully treated, despite the disease severity or its causes.

A lot of men move away from mainstream ED medications and turn to natural therapies that involve herbal treatment. Each year these methods gain more popularity due to the absence of side effects and no risk for your health. They are targeted not only to cure sexual disorders, but also to give men everything that they need for their overall wellness and health. Can you imagine that herbal remedies and various recipes that help to overcome impotence are mentioned in the Bible and in the earliest texts of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians? Let’s use their wisdom and examine the most popular remedies given to us by nature.

The Meaning of Erectile Dysfunction

Almost 20 million American men suffer from erectile dysfunction (or ED). This is usually considered a problem that affects only aged people, but nearly a quarter of all men under 40 have it on a regular basis. In spite of the fact, whether you are 25 or 65, you are not alone in this disease.

ED is characterized as a men’s inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. If this condition is permanent and occurs in 75% of cases during a long period, we can apply the term “impotence.”

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by different reasons. It is associated with nerves, problems with hormones, use of some drugs, blood vessels issues, and psychological reasons. This can be accompanied by problems with ejaculation, lack of orgasms during sex, or absence of sexual desire.

How to cure ED with natural remedies

We can talk about ED symptoms, if men regularly experience:

  • problems to get an erection;
  • difficulties to hold an erection;
  • decreased libido.

Occasional troubles in getting or holding an erection is a normal thing and should cause no worry. If ongoing ED progresses, it may affect the male’s self-esteem and confidence, cause stress, and have a great impact on relationships with a partner. Erection problems may be a sign of some hidden diseases that require proper treatment.

Patients with diabetes are two times more likely to obtain ED than other people. Besides, individuals with this disease have the risk to acquire ED ten years earlier than healthy men. Kidney diseases, high blood pressure, heart malfunctions, cardiovascular problems, and atherosclerosis may be underlying conditions for ED. They diminish the blood flow throughout a male body and block nerve signals that can lead to erection problems.

Unhealthy habits and lifestyles also impair the proper blood circulation and contribute to the emergence of ED. Drug abuse, smoking, and excessive drinking ruin the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent sufficient blood supply to the male organ. Males with obesity or who are overweight become especially vulnerable to sexual disorders.

Men who have undergone surgery intervention for prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, or bladder cancer may afterwards suffer from nerve and blood vessels damage in the genital zone. A lot of different factors can influence the male nervous system, as well as his vascular and endocrine systems. Sexual disorders may be caused by medication therapy, including blood pressure drugs, tranquilizers, or antidepressants.

Erectile dysfunction is successfully treated by urologists. Do not find it embarrassing to talk with a doctor about any sexual problems. They are trained to speak to patients about different male concerns. A doctor will identify the actual cause of the ED and recommend proper treatment. On the other hand, if left untreated, this disease may lead to other health problems, as well as depression and even the inability to make a partner pregnant.

Is It Real to Treat ED with Herbals?

Herbal drugsFor many thousands of years, natural remedies for ED have been used by apothecaries and medicine practitioners. They prepared medications for treating everything from constipation and hair loss to impotence and low libido. They used herbal ingredients extracted from leaves, roots, seeds, the bark of trees, and plants. The components used are constantly changing, as new studies uncover more possibilities of applications of these herbs. Some plants produce the same therapeutic effects as modern ED pills.

Nitric oxide is the primary factor necessary to trigger an erection. After sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released in the male body, which ensures the dilation of penile blood vessels and fills them with more blood, causing a proper erection. Herbal remedies for ED contain substances which are a source of nitrogen molecules that increase the production of nitric oxide.

A holistic approach is often used when creating a natural ED cure. In other words, the whole male body undergoes the treatment process, aiming to cure impotence. Such natural supplements aim to boost sexual stimulation, increase fertility, amplify sexual performance, and help men regain self-confidence. They help to amplify blood flow to the penis, calm nerves, improve circulatory system, and enhance the level of hormones that declines with age. Chinese and Indian cultures are more closely related to self-development and consider a human body as something that is connected to vital energy, trying to achieve the balance between mind, body, and soul.

Herbal medicines do not require a prescription and offer a soft treatment option. Alternative ED remedies should be used much longer than tablets like Cialis or Viagra. Some of them require up to six months to show any positive changes. Besides, they are used on a daily basis.

Entrust a specialist who will investigate the origin of your sexual disorder and prescribe a number of diagnostic tests. This helps to find the correct therapy and shortens the time for resolution. The doctor will choose an appropriate herbal therapy that helps to avoid possible interactions between the herbs. Work together hand in hand with nature to solve and control male sexual diseases.

Various Vitamins

VitaminsThere are no doubts concerning the success and effectiveness of world-known ED pills. Still, more Americans look for natural solutions like exercise, diet, and food supplements. When we talk about vitamins, most of us are unaware what they actually do in our body and how much we require for daily consumption. Each vitamin (either alone or in conjunction with others) plays a specific important role in our body to facilitate certain processes.

They are all significant for our overall health, but vitamin B complex is particularly helpful when it comes to treating ED and preventing impotence.

Different B vitamins affect different ED aspects on a cellular level:

  • vitamin B1 improves nerve health and cellular energy, amplifying the ability to hold an erection;
  • vitamin B3 reduces cholesterol levels, which is significant for proper blood flow necessary to get and maintain an erection (blocked by high cholesterol plaques, the penile blood vessel are unable to transmit more oxygenated blood);
  • vitamin B6 increases the level of neurotransmitters responsible for mood stabilization and satisfaction during sex. It also enhances testosterone level;
  • vitamin B12 deficiency is connected with ED and infertility.

The best choice to consume the necessary dose of B vitamins is through your diet. The main sources of this vitamin are fish, whole grains, dairy products, meat, eggs, cereals, fruit, vegetables, and legumes. This vitamin can be consumed through a multivitamin complex. Give preference to capsules rather than to compressed pills and take them with food.

Although vitamin B is the star of the show, other vitamins also contribute to ED treatment. Vitamin A is known to regulate sex hormones, while vitamin C increases sperm count and sperm mobility. Vitamin E is involved in the production of hormone prostaglandins that regulate sex drive.
Other minerals, vitamins, and amino acids are promising in ED therapy. For example, a natural ingredient in garlic called allicin is a special sulfur element that improves blood circulation throughout a human body. It helps with physiological ED problems. In ancient times, it was treated as an aphrodisiac. In the Middle Ages, its consumption was even forbidden in monasteries. Its revitalizing effect was well-known, as “onion and garlic salad” was highly recommended for lovers. Regarding garlic pestilential breath, opt for garlic capsules,if you plan on an intimate meeting.
Zinc is an essential mineral that serves as a precursor to testosterone. For low testosterone levels, zinc therapy is a proper solution.

Vitamin deficiency is the last thing we think of when we talk about sexual disorders. Still, proper supplementation with required vitamins will help to manage the problem.

Rhodiola and Ginseng

Rhodiola roseaRhodiola rosea and ginseng show the same therapeutic properties. As a natural adaptogen, rhodiola increases a general adaptability of a human body and its resistance to external stress factors like cold, heat, high altitude, and noise. Such herbs affect the whole body and enhance its immune system by increasing the production of particular cells that fight with viruses, bacteria, and cancer. As a superb antioxidant, rhodiola protects DNA against harmful mutations.

This herb is widely known as a natural remedy for impotence and increasing libido. People who live in the Altai Mountains and Caucasus have used it for centuries to amplify sexual health and performance. As genuine causes of impotence are connected with stress and depression, rhodiola successfully eliminates these conditions. It blocks the excessive release of stress hormones such as epinephrine, cortisol, and norepinephrine. Chronic stress may lead to hormonal changes, an exhausted immune system, poor memory, depression, and decreased libido.

Rhodiola produces a positive cardio protective effect and stabilizes rapid heartbeat after intense exercises, what is important if erectile dysfunction is caused by a heart malfunction. It is also a helpful remedy for atherosclerosis. Reducing cholesterol level, the plant extract diminishes a number of plagues in the blood vessels, thus promoting better blood flow. It also contributes to better blood circulation in the penile area.

This plant has as many benefits as names. Not in vain did the Chinese emperors organize expeditions to Siberia in order to get this herb and ensure their long life and good health.

Ginseng is an ancient natural remedy that has been used in eastern countries for centuries. By the generic name “ginseng,” we mean a dozen species of the Panax genus that grow in different territories (Korean ginseng, Japanese ginseng, Vietnamese ginseng, American ginseng, etc.). All of them are characterized by strong tonic features, adaptogenic properties, and different therapeutic potentials. It effectively manages blood pressure level and keeps control of sugar and fat levels. It promotes better blood circulation and oxygenation with a consequent energy, concentration increase, and stress reduction.

Ginseng root

Erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders are very dependent on the level of male nervous stress. A stressed man loses energy, which is reflected in a decline of his sexual desire, leading to self-distrust and inability to maintain an erection. Korean red ginseng acts at all these levels by decreasing stress, promoting serotonin and endorphin production, boosting self-confidence, and re-energizing desire and vital energy.

Its dried and ground-up roots are commercially available as ready-made tea, coffee extracts, or in the form of capsules, powders, oil, tablets, etc. This herb works by stimulating the immune system, increasing mental and physical capabilities, treating fatigue, and having antioxidant qualities. Ginseng is a cluster of vitamins (A, C, K, E, B), essential oils, and folic acid.

Ginseng affects the central nervous system and acts by adapting to male physical needs. If a man needs to be stimulated, it increases physical abilities, but if he needs to be calmed, the herbal action is opposite. Its extract is not limited by stimulating properties. It shows anti-tumor activity, metabolic (glucose processing), and nootropic (cerebral function improvement) actions, treats depression symptoms, etc.

Regarded as an aphrodisiac, it stimulates male and female sexual desire and response. It increases the production of nitric oxide that leads to the consequent vasodilation and stronger erection. The herb is not advised to be used in the evening to avoid insomnia, irritability, and hypertension.


Sexual disordersDehydroepiandrosterone (or DHEA) is produced from cholesterol in the male testes and liver by the adrenal glands. In the bloodstream, this steroid hormone is metabolized into androstenedione, and then to estrogen (in women) or testosterone (in men). The production of this element declines with age, and in the bodies of 60-year-old men it is 5-15% of the amount produced at age 20. The correct supplementation will help to restore the required DHEA level and cope with sexual disorders. The modern DHEA supplements are manufactured from wild yam and soy.

This hormone is called “a fountain of youth,” because it is said to slow aging processes, improve mental function and mood, and increase muscle mass, energy, and general well-being. DHEA improves orgasmic function, increasing overall satisfaction and sexual desire.

This therapy can be effective if ED is caused by a low testosterone level. There is no positive evidence by DHEA treatment in human trials if ED is caused by diabetes, nerve disorders, or poor blood flow.

Long-term DHEA usage may lead to adverse effects because this hormone decreases the amount of “good” cholesterol, which is dangerous for men with cardiovascular problems. Other side effects include irritability, trouble sleeping, irregular heartbeat, and aggressiveness. The DHEA may cause hormone-sensitive tumors to turn to cancer, such as prostate cancer.

Before buying supplements, check your testosterone level by taking blood tests to be sure that this is exactly what you need to cure. Your doctor will prescribe a correct testosterone replacement therapy. Such treatment should be monitored by a medical specialist so as not to cause negative reactions.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weedTraditional Chinese medicine has been used horny goat weed (or epimedium) for centuries as a powerful aphrodisiac and as a treatment for male impotence. As the legend says, this weed got its name when a shepherd noticed that male goats showed affection to female goats after digesting the plant.

The herb works as a tonic, diuretic, antibacterial, antirheumatic, and hypertensive means. It increases the level of nitric oxide. This substance relaxes smooth muscles and amplifies blood circulation, which explains its use as an ED remedy. The plant blocks enzymes, which restrict adequate blood flow to the male organ. The weed is also known to treat premature ejaculation and increase low libido.

It is an effective adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine enhancer, widely used to treat stress and anxiety. Most studies show that it reduces the stress hormone cortisol, strengthens our immune system, treats heart diseases, improves memory, and contributes to weight loss. High dopamine amounts lead to testosterone release that explains the popularity of horny goat weed as a libido booster.

By moderate consumption, this herb is completely safe for users, but an overdose may cause thirst, nosebleed, or vomiting.

L-Arginine and Men’s Health

L-ArginineActually, this amino acid is produced by the human body in the required amount for proper body functioning. L-arginine plays a significant role in hormone release, immune system functioning, wound healing, etc. In some situations, supplementation with this amino acid can be beneficial for your health.

First, this element shows positive results in ED treatment. Nitric oxide is known to promote proper erections by relaxing penile blood vessels and pumping more blood to the male organ. By its insufficient amount, ED is likely to appear. L-arginine increases the level of nitric oxide and contributes to a better erection.

Human trials prove arginine promotion can cure ED. Still, other studies suggest that arginine can be only temporally effective, because a male body adjusts to a higher amount of nitric oxide over time and reduces an ability to improve an erection to this advanced level.

The combination of L-arginine with other components produces results that are more promising. Stacks with yohimbine or pine bark extract taken an hour before intercourse significantly relieve ED symptoms.

L-arginine is a quite safe supplement and can be a good option to try for sexual disorders before you turn to medications.

Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathic medicationsClassical homeopathy considers mental and physical diseases interrelated and treats them as psychosomatic disorders. By increasing physical and mental abilities, it effectively leads to improvements in the sexual sphere. All substances used in homeopathic medicines are sourced from nature and can be successfully used for ED treatment. They are mineral, plant, or animal-based. Examples of substances that can be used by a homeopathic doctor may include crushed bees, poison ivy, vinegar, activated charcoal, caffeine, stinging nettle plants, etc. They are extracted and processed to develop pills, gels, creams, or drops. You may also recognize chamomile, St. John’s wort, silica, potassium, calcium carbonate, and others. These active ingredients in the smallest amount help to treat a disease, while actually they can contribute to this disease in the first place.

Agnus Castus is a top remedy for erectile dysfunction, used at the inability to get an erection during intercourse. It is very helpful for sexual weakness along with reduced physical strength, when a patient has neither the desire nor the power for sexual performance.

Caladium is one more powerful remedy for men who are physically unable to obtain an erection, even when having a strong desire. Their reproductive organ remains flaccid even after sexual stimulation. Caladium offers an efficient treatment if ED has mental causes (for example, depression). It includes an additional beneficial effect to remove tobacco addiction.

Selenium is a homeopathic agent for insufficient and weak erections, or in cases when they occur too fast. It also helps by involuntary semen emission during sleep.

Lycopodium is good help for both elderly and young male patients who have problems with erection. It is a perfect means for aged people suffering from prostate enlargement accompanied by premature ejaculation.

Avena Sativa is used as a tonic for increasing male sexual power. It reduces physical exhaustion and amplifies erectile function.

Tribulus terrestris is an excellent ED cure, if sexual problems are associated with urinary diseases.

Nuphar Luteum is beneficial for those men who suffer from low libido.

Yohimbinum is a homeopathic means to cope with a lack of sex interest, poor erections, irritability, and overall weakness. It also works as a potent aphrodisiac.

Although, homeopathy is not supported by traditional medicine, it proves quite effective in ED treatment with zero toxicity chances. Such therapy should be guided by a skilled homeopathic doctor under proper and constant supervision.

Treatment with Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juiceED tablets may not work for all man, especially for individuals with certain chronic diseases or hypersensitivity. In this case, watermelon can act as a safe alternative that causes no side effects.

Watermelon is a natural source of citrulline, an amino acid responsible for better erections. In a male body, citrulline is transformed into arginine, another amino acid, which in turn is converted into nitric oxide. This substance is known to dilate the blood vessels and to increase blood flow to the reproductive organ. The expanded arteries are filled with more blood which results in a better erection process.

As watermelon mostly consists of water, the largest amount of citrulline is found in watermelon juice. This investigation is comparatively new, but with the majority of trials conducted on animals, it is too early to claim that it works the same as ED tablets, still it counts a number of promising studies. As consumption of this fruit bears no risk or adverse reactions, it can be tested by any volunteer.

In animal studies, rats that took citrulline supplements experienced erectile improvement compared to those who were taking a placebo. Those rats were more likely to mount females and start intercourse.

Men should note that citrulline is not so effective as ED pills and may not work in patients with nerve damages or if ED is caused by psychological reasons. In this case, the mere improvement of blood circulation in the genital area may not work.

The consumption of watermelon in any quantity is considered safe, unless men have an allergy to this fruit. As well as any fruit, it can increase the blood sugar level, so patients with diabetes should consult a doctor before comsumption. Men with kidney ailments also have to be careful.

Orange and yellow watermelons are higher in citrulline concentration than red ones. Watermelon flesh contains less citrulline than its rind, so that’s why people purée it and make it into smoothies. There is no difference in the amount of an active substance in seedless and seeded species.

Acupuncture ED Cure

AcupunctureSome men diagnosed with ED fail to benefit from medication therapy and do not use conventional methods of treatment. They turn to alternative medicine and ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy as an attractive and effective option.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, our well-being is a result of a balanced flow of life forces, and any disease it considered as an imbalance of these forces. The main purpose of such eastern treatment is to restore vital energy in a human body by inserting hair-thin needles into particular sites along a body’s “meridians,” places through which our energy flows. These meridians can be accessed through 361 acupoints. A needle should be inserted to the right depth and at the proper angle. They stay under the skin till a patient feels tingling, warmth, or numbness in the place of the puncture.

Contemporary neuroscience explains acupuncture as stimulation of certain points where muscles, nerves, and tissues are more vulnerable. Such stimulation enhances blood flow and triggers natural body activity to manage with pain and uses its own resources to cope with an ailment.

However, acupuncture works only for some conditions. If ED is caused by poor blood flow to the genital area, this therapy will help. If the cause is bound with some pathological conditions (like permanent loss of a blood supply), this treatment is less likely to produce a beneficial effect.

Usually acupuncture is used to relieve different kinds of pain (like headaches), stress, whooping cough, depression, blood pressure problems, etc. Some patients with ED do feel benefits after this therapy and share positive reviews, moreover if the disease was caused by a psychological reason. Anyone can try it, just find a certified and professional specialist.

Sport and Physical Exercises

Physical activityIn the majority of cases, erectile dysfunction is caused by cardiovascular diseases. A male organ becomes erect due to the coordinated work of blood vessels, spongy tissues, and the central nervous system. Any malfunction in these systems may lead to problems with erection. As research shows, living a healthier life that involves a well-balanced diet and exercise brings men back to sexual health. Sport benefits significantly improve the frequency and quality of erections, and thus overall sexual function.

Sport is important to provide better blood flow, to stabilize sugar levels, and to decrease cholesterol. Physical exercises can be used as the perfect method to prevent ED symptoms. Such aerobic exercises as cycling, running, or swimming improve male muscle tone and general well-being. Quitting smoking, alcohol consumption, and unhealthy meals also help in overcoming ED.

Exercise is a proven means to reduce stress, give energy, and boost the serotonin level in the human brain. Stress is often accompanied by ED as its possible psychological reason. Ordinary walking can improve mood and support the immune system, because even less intense exercise is better than no sport at all.

Solutions for ED: Medications

ViagraErectile dysfunction is effectively treated by numerous medications offered by contemporary pharmaceutical plants. A lot of options are presented on the market, ready to improve erectile function in the shortest time. A professional consultation with your urologist will help to determine the appropriate ED tablets regarding the history of your diseases and your medical tests.

The working principle of the most ED pills is based on the temporary increase of blood flow to the male organ, vasodilation in the penile area, and relaxation of genital smooth muscles. Some drugs may act as slight antidepressants for soothing male stress about his sexual problems. With simple pill intake, men are able to obtain and hold a proper erection with an effect that lasts from 5 hours to 2 days.

The online pharmacy BuyEDTab offers a series of generic ED medicines that contain different active ingredients: Cialis (tadalafil), Viagra, and Kamagra (sildenafil), Stendra (avanafil), etc. They can be purchased with no prescription and delivered to any US address.

To make an ED treatment process more comfortable, tablets are manufactured in different forms of a gel-like consistency, with various flavorings, in effervescent forms, etc.

All these drugs have been scientifically proven for the treatment of ED and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The main difference between these substances is the total time it lasts in a male body and the time it takes to start working. For a healthy person, ED medicines show no adverse effects.

Health Problems and Natural ED Treatment

Healthy foodMedication treatment is not the only method to cope with sexual problems. There are various ways to improve erectile function through natural remedies for men who are afraid of possible side effects of the blue pill. Can ED be reversed? Sure, there are several tips how to treat ED at home and to get rid of unwanted symptoms:

  • change your diet (Some foods can reverse impotence and promote better blood circulation and heart functioning. Eat high fiber foods like fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, etc. They increase testosterone levels and support hormonal balance in a male body. Avoid trans fats present in fried and packaged food, refined oils, and sugar, because they lead to inflammation. Too much caffeine and alcohol consumption increases fatigue and anxiety besides it affects sexual performance and hormonal balance.);
  • involve supplements and vitamins into your diet that increase male libido and amplify blood circulation. Some of them have been described above, but there are other options that can be recommended by your urologist;
  • use essential oils of ylang ylang, rose, or sandalwood as a potent aphrodisiac. Diffuse them in the air or rub them on your legs or abdomen. They are able to boost libido naturally and improve your mood;
  • regular sport amplifies human growth hormone (HGH), reduces stress, and boosts general well-being. Replace sports with dancing, if you like;
  • try to manage your stress and have regular rest. 7-9 hours of everyday sleep is a compulsory condition to stay fully fresh and repaired. Stop using antidepressants or illegal drugs to improve your state of mind or to relax. Find time to have a nap or meditate;
  • spend more time outdoors (preferably during the day to get a daily portion of vitamin D);
  • engage in social activities like a volunteer group or sport team.

Try to follow these rules and fix time for every activity. These healthy habits will be beneficial both for your physical and mental states. A good body shape and positive mood can hardly lead to impotence. Change your habits and you will feel better.

Another Warnings

Problems with potencyWhen a man discovers any ED symptoms, the first thing he has to do is to make his lifestyle modifications and take steps to lose weight (if any). If these changes bring no success, and he still has problems with erection, it is high time to see a doctor. Even in young guys, ED can signal other health problems like heart disease or even diabetes. It may happen that the prescription of mere antidepressants or psychotherapy can bring men back to action.

If men are self-medicating with OTC pills or natural supplements, they may be unaware of possible interactions or side effects. A trained urologist will do some tests and determine the right and correct ED therapy. Even natural remedies cannot have the same effectiveness and safety for every patient. Certain herbs and natural medicines can be harmful for some existing diseases or they can interact with the pills that you take.

Natural is not a synonym for safe. When you consider taking a new supplement or herb, talk to a pharmacist and get a professional consultation.

Ask Your Doctor for a Consultation

A lot of men suffering from ED prefer to search for treatment on their own rather than face a doctor. The male fear of visiting a urologist puts his overall health at great risk, because hidden ED causes like cardiovascular diseases or even cancer may stay undiagnosed. Neither a busy lifestyle nor masculine pride should prevent men from visiting a health care provider.

DoctorThere are no special rules how often men should undergo a medical examination. It depends on their general health and age. People who are obese, those who drink alcohol and smoke, or those who have a family history of diseases need to go to the doctor more often.

An annual physical exam is recommended for every man. Even with a satisfactory well-being, it is better to have it confirmed by a specialist. The tests may help to detect possible disorders earlier and get necessary treatment.

As men age, they have a higher risk of getting serious illnesses. Elderly people have to monitor their cholesterol level, weight, and blood pressure regularly. It is also recommended to have your prostate and testicles examined. These routine checkups will help you to stay healthy and enjoy your sexual life to the fullest.