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Natural Remedies for ED: For or Against

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Natural Remedies for ED: For or Against

So-called herbal or natural Viagra shouldn’t be called ‘Viagra’ at all! If it is a truly herbal product, it can’t contain Sildenafil which is what makes Viagra work.

Although healthy living can boost sexual performance, it isn’t always a cure for erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, the herbal supplements industry is eager to woo new consumers, and this has led to inflated claims, so-called ‘herbal Viagra’ and the inclusion of some potentially dangerous ingredients in supplements.

What Is Herbal Viagra?

So-called herbal Viagra shouldn’t be called ‘Viagra’ at all! If it is a truly herbal product, it can’t contain the synthesized compound sildenafil which is what makes Viagra work. However, assuming that the manufacturers of these supplements are merely using the term to indicate that they are offering something that could be good for ED, herbal Viagra would consist of plant-based remedies. There is no such thing as herb ‘Viagra’. The very idea is a contradiction in terms.

Natural Viagra may have a broader repertoire since it needn’t stick to plant based ingredients and can include materials from other sources. However, none of the compounds can be synthesized, and if they are, the resulting supplement is, by definition, no longer ‘natural’. We will examine the specifics related to popular products a little later.

What Are the Dangers of Herbal Viagra?

Here’s where the waters get really murky. In theory, anyone can take some powdered plant parts, shove them in a capsule and call them ‘Viagra’, and the sheer number of people who seem to be doing just that is staggering.

In a snap survey of common health supplements derived from herbs, the FDA found that many products don’t contain any of the ingredients they claim to have, so even if there is a simple herb or combination of herbs that could cure ED, you have no certainty that a product contains them just because it says so on the label.

Assuming that the product really does contain herbal ingredients, you still aren’t out of the woods yet. For example, certain herbs believed to have aphrodisiac effects are known to cause sudden fluctuations in blood pressure, negatively affect the functioning of the immune system, or have dangerous interactions with other drugs.
Natural remedies for ED: for or against

Why Do Some People Say It Really Works?

It would be difficult to say without looking at specific cases. For example, if a man is having sexual problems because of anxiety and finds a herbal remedy that helps him to relax, it is possible that his herbal treatment is helping him. However, most experts see efficacy claims from people using herbal Viagra as being attributable to the placebo effect.

Placebos are generally considered as “bad science”. People may experience a beneficial response to something as ordinary as a sugar pill or colored water, but the benefit is not sustained. After a time, the brain’s conviction that the body has received something of benefit stops working, and the placebo becomes ineffective. Interestingly, not all placebo effects are positive. People have even reported side-effects after using placebos in medical trials.

Kinds of Natural ED Treatments

It would be easy to compile a list of ‘natural ED treatments’ as long as your arm. Just about everybody with a supplement would like you to believe that it enhances your sexual performance or heals physical dysfunctions and maladies. What you should ask yourself is: “If it were so easy to cure ED using common herbs, why has Viagra been the medicine that turned Pfizer into a household name around the world?”

The blue pill may have become a green pill, beautifully packaged in a green box, but if it worked, why does Viagra continue to be a top-selling pharmaceutical, and why was it seen as such a breakthrough?

Let’s maintain a healthy amount of skepticism as we investigate the most popular herbal ingredients for sale as herbal Viagra. First, we’ll tabulate some broad differences between Viagra and herbal Viagra, and then we’ll examine supplements one by one.

Factor Viagra Herbal Viagra
Ingredients Known Unconfirmed and not always identifiable
Efficacy Known and established through research Unknown and not extensively researched
Risk of serious side effects Very low Unknown, but believed to be high
Risk of less serious but uncomfortable side effects Relatively low Relatively common for most known natural remedies
Optimum dose Known and researched Unproven and unknown
Regulatory oversight High and stringent Low to no oversight

Horny Goat Weed

Of all the herbal supplements with a claim to fame as a natural or herbal ED treatment, Horny Goat Weed is probably the best of the bunch. That’s because it contains a natural PDE5 inhibitor, and if you know your Viagra, you’ll know that this is the precise mechanism by which it works. But before you start celebrating, you should be aware that the plant-based compound it contains is 80 percent less effective than Viagra.

That doesn’t mean that you can get the same effect just by taking more of it, and you also need to know that overdoses can lead to unpleasant effects that can prove fatal and that require hospitalization. Drug interactions have been reported, so if you are using medications, you should consult with your doctor before attempting to use this supplement.

You should also be careful about combining it with other supplements. There are reports of an unpleasant interaction with Ginkgo.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean red ginseng has had a reputation of being good for male sexual performance for thousands of years. In scientific studies, researchers observed that it has a mild effect on ED. Although it is also responsible for interactions with medications (check with your doctor before use), a ginseng product is relatively safe. However, it should be avoided altogether if you suffer from diabetes, as it lowers blood sugar levels.


DHEA is a hormone that plays a role in testosterone production, and as such, it is being touted as a cure for ED. Unfortunately, most men who have ED do not have a testosterone deficiency, and even if they did, doctors don’t believe that DHEA would make a significant difference to testosterone levels.

Side-effects range from the uncomfortable (acne, stomach upset) to the scary (sharp increase in blood pressure) and the FDA says it is potentially unsafe to use as a supplement. You should certainly avoid it if you have liver trouble, and natural or not, you should talk to your doctor before even thinking of trying it.


Arginine or L-Arginine is an amino acid, and as you know, amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Experts say that it may improve blood flow and have some effect on ED, but in the same breath, they’ll warn you that its side effects can be very dangerous indeed. These include violent allergic reactions, sudden drops in blood pressure, and the aggravation of existing asthma.

There are also reports of drug interactions, so if you are on medication and decide to try it despite the risks, you should still tell your doctor about what you intend to do and find out how safe (or unsafe) it would be for you.


Although there is absolutely no scientific evidence for it, many men are turning to Yohimbine, a plant-based remedy from Africa. There, it is seen as an aphrodisiac and is believed to treat ED, but scientific trials found that it was as effective as a placebo. That means that sugar pills will probably be as good (and even better) for you, and a whole lot less dangerous and expensive.

Overdoses can kill you or see you hospitalized, and the herb interacts violently with a great many medications making a doctors’ consultation essential for those who want to try it.


There seems to be some correlation between a Vitamin D deficiency and ED, but please be careful: Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so it is possible to overdose, and once again, interaction with medications can be an issue. Again, we can’t feel that Vitamin D is effective as an ED treatment, but if you would like to try it, please see a doctor to determine whether you have a Vitamin D deficiency and can safely take a supplement.

Vitamin C is believed to increase blood flow, and we’d recommend that you get your vitamin C in its natural form from natural foods rather than supplements. Pop down to your local food store, and grab a whole bunch of fresh fruit. Vitamin C is water soluble, so you can’t overdose. It’s also great for your overall health, but if it really were effective for treating ED, this would probably have been observed long ago.

If you plan to supplement heavily with vitamin C, consult a doctor. Too much vitamin C can place strain on the organs responsible for the excretion of excess.

Side Effects of ‘Natural’ Viagra

As we have seen, many of these male stimulant supplements have side effects, but the remedies take on a sinister dimension when multiple ingredients are combined. Whether they are formulated as a powder, spray, gel, pills, capsules, liquid or supplement drink, combined ingredients often ‘fight’ with one another, turning into a toxic cocktail even when individual ingredients are relatively safe.

After the collapse of basketball player Lamar Odom after using sexual supplements, journalists reported that the FDA had found “unidentified” ingredients in 300 supplements that claimed sexual performance enhancement.

Taking risks for the sake of a revitalized sex life would be understandable, but if you are looking for a deciding vote on the matter, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health stated categorically that NO natural supplements have been found to be effective in treating sexual dysfunction. Worth the risk? Not really.

Anything Else I Should Know About?

The only possible natural cure for ED is a lifestyle change in favor of weight loss, exercise and a healthy diet, and there are no guarantees that it will work. If it works, this approach can take a long time to take effect. If you are looking for fast effects, don’t count on dodgy testimonials for even dodgier ‘herbal Viagra’. In fact, the FDA reports that some brands actually contain Viagra, but since they aren’t letting on for fear of losing their ‘natural’ status, you have no idea of how much.

If you are looking for an ED treatment online, the best solution is to go for a known quantity: something that has been researched for its safety and efficacy for men and that is used by millions around the globe. Yes, we are referring to the ‘blue capsule’ itself: Viagra.

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