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What Are Teva Sildenafil Pills?

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What Are Teva Sildenafil Pills?

Teva Sildenafil is a popular generic Viagra, which has already helped many men to forget about their problems in sex. Do you want to learn more about how this drug works, as well as what are its interactions and contraindications, dosages, and side effects? Then read this article.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem caused by plenty of factors, but the result is one – a bad intimate life. One of the most well-known drugs for the treatment of impotence is based on sildenafil and is called Viagra.

In the USA, a patent on it still exists, so its price is quite high. In addition, you can purchase it only with a prescription given by the doctor. Because of this, many men cannot use Viagra as often as they want it. Fortunately, modern pharmacology produces a number of quality generics that are identical to the original drugs and have the same properties.

In addition, due to the absence of brand markup, generic products are much cheaper than the original. Teva Sildenafil is just such a generic, which has the same effectiveness and safety as Viagra, but costs much less.

Teva Sildenafil Definition and Benefits

What is Teva Sildenafil? This is a drug which belongs to the group of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) blockers and is used to treat ED of various severity. The Teva pill is blue and covered with a protective shell, so it begins its action only inside the stomach.

What are Teva Sildenafil pills

Teva Sildenafil is suitable only for those men who have problems with erection. Thus, a healthy person will not notice any difference after taking the medication. The medicine is not an exciting agent, as it acts only when sexual arousal occurs. If a man does not have arousal, sildenafil will not help him.

What are the main advantages of Teva Sildenafil? Here is the short list of the main ones:

  • helps to cure ED of both physiological and psychogenic nature;
  • effective even in severe forms of ED, if the correct dosage is chosen;
  • well-tolerated;
  • suitable for men who have suffered a spinal injury;
  • available without a prescription;
  • has an affordable price;
  • has the optimum time of action;
  • suitable for almost all men from 18 to 65 years of age;
  • in no way inferior to the original Viagra.

The company which produces Teva specializes on the production of generics. Its medicines are of high quality and affordable price.

Action of These Pills

Teva Sildenafil acts in the same way as any other product based on sildenafil citrate. During sexual arousal, the body of a man begins to develop nitric oxide – the substance that provokes the production of enzymes that cause an erection. Sildenafil citrate enhances the effect of these enzymes. It also significantly increases blood circulation in the inguinal region, due to which the penis becomes perfectly filled with blood. The drug also inhibits PDE5 enzymes, which prevent the full filling of the spongy and cavernous bodies with blood. All this leads to a strong and prolonged erection which disappears after ejaculation.

Since sildenafil acts solely during sexual arousal, you should not be afraid of a sudden and inappropriate erection. The drug is characterized by a mild and natural effect, as it enhances only natural processes.

Available Forms and Dosages

Erectile dysfunctionThe success of ED treatment directly depends on the correctly chosen dosage. Teva Sildenafil is available in dosages of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, and 150 mg. If you are using this medicine for the first time, then it’s best to start with 25 mg. This dosage rarely causes any side effects and is well-tolerated. It is suitable for men who take the drug “for safety,” as well as for those who use sildenafil very often or even daily. If 25 mg is tolerated well, but the effect is not sufficient, then you can increase the dose up to 50 mg and 100 mg. 100 mg is the most common, standard dosage that suits most for men. In severe cases of ED, the largest dose of Teva Sildenafil, 150 mg, can be used (but only after consultation with a doctor). If even this does not give the desired effect, then you need to search out another treatment. Perhaps it makes sense to choose another PDE5 inhibitor (Cialis, Levitra, Stendra, or their generics). You should not increase the dosage independently and without control of specialist, because this can lead to a serious deterioration of the health state and the appearance of side effects.

How Should I Use Teva Sildenafil?

To make the drug as effective as possible, it is very important to take it correctly. Teva Sildenafil should be taken 40-60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse and with a sufficient amount of water. You can take the pill regardless of meals, but it is important to consider that combining the medicine with fatty foods can slow the start of the drug’s effect (up to an hour and a half).

How often can the medicine be taken? Doctors do not recommend using sildenafil daily, but if you need this, you should choose a minimum dosage of 25-50 mg. Teva sildenafil is not addictive and does not require an increase in dosage over time.

If the drug does not provide the desired effect, you cannot drink another pill after, as this can be very dangerous.

Who Can’t Take This Drug?

Hormonal failureThe drug can be taken by all men from 18 to 65 years of age who have ED. According to statistics, more than 85% of people noted a significant improvement in their sex life. However, the drug will be effective only for those men who have sexual desire. If it is absent (as a result of trauma, hormonal failure, surgery, etc.), then the medicine will not help.

Teva sildenafil should not be taken by people who have the following contraindications:

  • uncontrolled blood pressure surges;
  • severe anemia;
  • angina pectoris;
  • arrhythmia;
  • hypotension;
  • retinal diseases;
  • renal, hepatic and heart failure;
  • propensity to priapism;
  • individual intolerance.

The drug should not be taken by women, especially during pregnancy and lactation.

Side Effects, Precautions & Warnings

With the proper chosen dosage and the correct intake of Teva, sildenafil very rarely causes side effects. Almost all of them are safe and pass shortly after excretion of the drug from the body. The likelihood of side effects is directly proportional to the amount of the dosage.

HeadacheThe most common side effects are:

  • pain in the muscles, especially in the muscles of the back;
  • dizziness;
  • violation of the perception of colors, especially blue and green;
  • headache;
  • “hot flashes”;
  • violation of the heart rate;
  • indigestion, nausea, and vomiting.

Sildenafil has one really dangerous side effect – priapism. This is an erection that does not pass for more than four hours and causes pain. In this case, you need to seek medical help as soon as possible.

How Teva Sildenafil Interacts

Teva Sildenafil can be taken with various medications and almost all meals, so it usually does not require changing your life habits. However, there are exceptions that you need to know about. Remember – combining sildenafil with incompatible medicines can cause serious damage to your health and can even lead to death. Find out what substances cannot be combined with sildenafil and carefully study the drugs that you usually take – pharmacists always indicate their composition on the package.

With Foods and Alcohol Drinks

Interaction with alcohol, tablets and foodsSildenafil can be taken both before meals and during them, since it does not react chemically with food. The only exception is grapefruit and its derivatives. This fruit contains active substances that significantly reduce the effect of the drug, but at the same time delay its excretion from the body. As a result, a man does not get from Teva Sildenafil the needed result, but significantly increases the risk of side effects’ occurrence.

As for alcohol, it is undesirable to take it with the drug. Only a small amount is allowed – no more than 2-3 cl of ethyl alcohol. This is enough to relax and improve the mood and be sure that this amount will not be reflected in the effect of sildenafil. It is also important to remember that alcohol abuse is harmful to potency, with or without the blue pill.

With Other Medicines

As was mentioned above, Teva Sildenafil does not react chemically with most medications, but there is a little list of those that cannot be combined with it. This list includes:

  • inhibitors that are used in the therapy of AIDS and HIV;
  • alpha- and beta-adrenoceptor blocking agents;
  • some antifungal agents;
  • some antibiotics (usually of the first generation);
  • all medicines containing nitrates.

The constant intake of certain drugs not included in this list may adversely affect the functions of the liver, kidneys, and other organs. Sildenafil can aggravate their destructive effect. Therefore, if you are constantly taking any medications, tell your doctor about Teva purchase.

What Else Will Help to Get Rid of ED?

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