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Top 10 Songs Dedicated to the Penis

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Top 10 Songs Dedicated to the Penis

Song is a good way to relax or have fun. No matter what mood you are in now – read our article! We have listed the most popular (in our opinion) songs about penises.

This inspiration is what they have below the waist – the penis! No wonder, after all men are so concerned about this thing and its size that it would be really odd not to mention it throughout the planet. Big and small dicks rule the world!

Top 10 songs dedicated to the penis

Here are 10 top themes picked up as the penis songs of all time. Just one warning, keep an eye out for your mom when listening, because the lyrics may contain indecent words.

“Enormous Penis” performed by Da Vinci’s Notebook (USA). Currently disbanded, the group stays famous in the hearts of their fans by this thing from the album “Brontosaurus” (2002).

Enormous Penis, Da Vinci's Notebook

“The Penis Song” performed by Macklemore from his album “The Language of My World.” This Seattle artist is not the best rapper, but he keeps it honest with this funny song, where he feels insecure about his penis size.

The Penis Song, Macklemore

“Pony” performed by Ginuwine. The lyrics are about a man who is looking for a horny partner to ride his pony. Oh dear, you understand that the meaning has nothing to do with horses. Don’t envy. After all, who knows, maybe this organ is shaped like a poor animal?

Pony, Ginuwine

“The Penis Song” performed by the characters of Selma Blair, Christina Applegate, and Cameron Diaz in a movie “The Sweetest Thing.” The girls are gossiping in a café about a new boyfriend and start singing about how girls have to praise the male organ.

The Penis Song, The Sweetest Thing

“That’s That” performed by Snoop Dogg. This piece features a melody from a movie “Coming to America” (1988). There was a scene in the bathroom where the character of Eddie Murphy gets washed by his female servants. “The Royal Penis Is Clean” song reached number 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

That’s That, Snoop Dogg

“Love Gun” performed by the American hard rock band KISS. The theme was released in an album of the same name in 1977. Vocalist Paul Stanley claimed in his interviews that it was one of his favorite songs, since it was played on every KISS tour. Surprisingly, it stalled on the US singles chart at number 55.

Love Gun, KISS

“The Penis Song” performed by Monty Python. The theme is both extremely silly and incredibly catchy. However, in this case the catchiness works against it, only if you don’t want to be walking along the street and be caught singing “one-eyed trouser snake.”

The Penis Song, Monty Python

“Detachable Penis” performed by King Missile. This theme was released in 1993 and is devoted to removable genitalia. It pictures a man with a detachable male organ who is searching for it because it has been misplaced.

Detachable Penis, King Missile

“Monster” performed by Fred Schneider. The singer looks at his pants and sees a monster inside, which elicits interesting reactions in this clip. This little monster is even depicted a couple of times in the video. So be conscious while watching it with the audience. Filled with humor, hypnotic beats, and double meaning, the song was very hot in the 80’s.

Monster, Fred Schneider

“Sledgehammer” performed by Peter Gabriel. He is recognized as one of the greatest voices in art rock. Still, a few people can realize what exactly the subject is. After reading the lyrics, it becomes so obvious that you wonder how you didn’t notice it before. Actually, the hints are given when the video starts, showing how sperm flows under a microscope.

Sledgehammer, Peter Gabriel

Various songs that cover the same male body part were also performed by Primus, AC/DC in “Big Balls,” XTC in “Pink Thing”, David Lee Roth in “Hot Dog and a Shake,” Bowling for Soup in “My Wena,” Chuck Berry in “My Ding-a-Ling,” Prince in “Soft and Wet,” Jellyfish in “He’s My Best Friend,” Katy Perry in “Peacock,” etc.

Another “The penis song” was even presented by an 84-year old participant at America’s Got Talent audition in 2014. Ray Jessel performed a comedic piano piece, portraying a beautiful girl and showing that she has a penis. The judges were so much delighted to meet a hilarious participant with such a scandalous sense of humor. All four voted “yes,” and the old man got a chance to move on to the next round of AGT.

In fact, it is a personal choice of each musician to decide which good body parts are worth of recognition. We are not going to argue. It’s just so amazing that these people give us these funniest and most ridiculous themes making our day a little funnier. Or maybe weirder?

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