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The Justin Bieber Gay Debate Finally Answered: He Likes It Both Ways

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The heated Justin Bieber gay debate is hotter than we thought. Our favorite boy toy accidentally attended a gay mixer recently – where he insisted on being the center of attention. To his surprise, what Justin thought was a birthday party was really a boy-on-boy coming out party. His initial surprise faded when he requested a table in the middle. Although the event was held at one of LA’s hottest gay bars, he seemed surprised when he learned the true nature of the event.

You’d think the location would have tipped him off. Ever the crowd pleaser, Justin tried to appear unfazed. His discomfort faded quickly and he chose to stay – probably because an unknown gay hottie caught his eye. It seems the two of them were caught in a steamy make-out session in a dark corner – and he doesn’t deny it! Want to see Christiano Ronaldo Naked?

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He said, “I don’t see the need to clarify my sexuality. Why do I have to label myself as gay or straight? I think sexuality should be fluid, to give you balance. Why can’t I have it all?” He added that kissing another man doesn’t make him gay and, if he were, that would be OK.

Don’t worry, Justin. We’re not trying to insult you. We’re just delighted that you’re finally ready to reveal the details of your sexuality. Now that the truth of the Justin Bieber gay debate is coming out in the open, may we ask, was the story of two boys breaking up in ‘Bigger’ from your first album, your story? Maybe he’ll feel more comfortable clarifying that as he becomes less reluctant to share his homosexual encounters.

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In any case, details of his preferences continue to emerge. Justin’s friends and associates share their perspectives on whether Justin Bieber is gay or not.

Connor, a high-school friend of Justin’s, speaks of a conversation they once had. He confided in Connor: ‘When someone asks me if I’m gay or bi-sexual, it’s easier to tell them I don’t like to label myself. I can be so many different things. The identity I choose is my choice alone. I don’t like to be labeled.’ He also admitted to Connor that he was attracted to both men and women – he had even kissed Matt, his straight best friend, before.

We were thrilled that Connor was willing to share the details of Justin’s kiss with Matt. As the story goes, the two friends planned many double dates back then. When the girls proved unreliable or unwilling, the young boys and their raging hormones learned other ways to compensate.

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Back then, it was normal for a girl not to show up, or for the evening to end early. If their dates failed to show, the two boys would go ahead with their date plans – sans the female counterparts. As long as there were the two of them, neither would be lonely. Justin’s friend goes on to say that on some occasions, out of fun, one of the boys would act the part by wearing a dress, heels, and a wig.

Looking back, Justin now admits that wearing make-up on those pretend dates taught him a lot about sexuality. He is more open about sex than we used to think. Connor says he still considers Justin to be a straight man. He just has an open mind. He doesn’t see why he being with another man would be shocking to anyone. He added, “It’s a good balance. It might not work for everyone but it works for us.”

There you have it! Is your head exploding? The world today, especially younger generations, are comfortable with experimenting and sexuality. Young people are reluctant to label sexual preference. They reject terms such as ‘gay’, ‘straight’ or even ‘bisexual’ and are far more are far more flexible with engaging with members of the same sex. There are fewer definitions today. The ongoing is Justin Bieber gay debate, supports those ideals.

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Unfortunately, not all of Justin’s associates are as accepting or tolerant as Connor is. That became abundantly clear when we were told what David Stuart had to say about Justin’s behavior. David was a youth worker from Justin’s church when he was younger. He remembers Justin being pro-homosexual at a very early age. His opinions of Justin aren’t flattering.

The Justin Bieber Gay Debate Finally Answered

David refers to him as a ‘sodomite boy toy’. We were offended too. Still, David’s side of the story provides valuable insight to whether or not Justin Bieber is gay. It’s his view that young people like Justin Bieber reach massive popularity and success because they spearhead homosexual activities. That opinion is intended as an insult. We disagree. David’s thoughts don’t improve after that. He thinks of Justin as ‘New World Order’ trash, promoted by demonic supporters, which has evil influence over millions of teenage girls. Once more, that wasn’t meant as a negative statement. But, it made us smile.

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After hearing different takes on the Justin Bieber gay debate, so far the best insight comes from Connor and Justin. We think David may believe he’s bi-sexual or homosexual based on his number of appearances on The Ellen Show. Bieber has always been a strong supporter of same-sex unions and gay right. His attraction to men is just a coincidence.

There you have it. Is Justin Bieber gay? I think a more important question is, why do men find it so hard to admit being bi-sexual? Fluid sexuality is encouraged in women. Why is it discouraged in men? Plainly put, men love girl-on-girl action. But women are more open about sex than they once were. You’ll find that just as many women are turned on by boy-on boy action as well. Both scenarios are smoking hot! Bisexuality and homosexuality should be openly explored if the inclination exists.

Many people believe self-confessed male bisexuals are just in denial. They are homosexual men merely trying to have it both ways, to have sex with men while retaining heterosexual privilege and acceptance. As Justin says, “Why can’t I have it all?”

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If bisexuality remains behind closed doors, society will never be able to have an open conversation about it. The challenges that surround it can’t be untangled and the myths won’t be dispelled. Why does it matter if someone’s is more gay than bisexual? Why is it wrong if someone is straight with just a touch of gay? It’s past time to throw away out of date ideas about what type of sex is good and what is bad. Between two consenting adults, it’s all good!

Justin Bieber admits to being attracted to men. However, he maintains that making out with his new boyfriend doesn’t make him gay. He leaves us with this answer: I’m a man who loves women, but I refuse to keep the feminine side of me ‘roped up’ any longer. I’m just me.

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