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Can Erection Problems Appear After Cat Scratches?

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Can Erection Problems Appear After Cat Scratches?

Not so long ago there was information that one man acquired erectile dysfunction because of a cat’s scratch. The news literally has exploded on the Internet and made a lot of noise, but is it justified? From this article you will find out whether domestic cats are really so dangerous, and how you can avoid such trouble.

It is known that erectile dysfunction can appear not only as a result of an incorrect lifestyle, hormonal disorders, poor blood circulation, but also non-compliance with hygiene, as well as safety rules. Everyone knows about this, but sometimes you can hear about completely unexpected “dangers” for your erection.

Common Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

What causes erectile dysfunction and what should men be afraid of? Good potency and libido are signs of good health, but sometimes something can go wrong. Problems with erection arise from physiological or psychological reasons and some of them, which are listed below might be familiar to you.

The following are the physiological ones:

  • endocrine diseases, incl. diabetes;
  • impaired blood circulation;
  • injuries;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • hypogonadism;
  • prolactinoma;
  • bad habits;
  • malnutrition;
  • consequence of surgical operations on the small pelvis;
  • intake of certain medications (tranquilizers, antidepressants, etc.).

Psychological reasons include:

  • stress;
  • depression;
  • fear of unsuccessful intercourse;
  • extremely bad sexual experience.

Can erection problems appear after cat scratches

While psychological reasons are only 20% of all impotence cases, often men reassure themselves that their failure in sex is the result only of stress and fatigue.

Contrary to popular opinion, age-related changes do not cause ED. With age, the body accumulates more diseases which can worsen potency, so in elderly men, the probability of developing ED is higher than in the young. Age changes in the genitals are not so significant as to cause impotence on their own.

Unusual ED Cause: Cat Scratches

Cat scratchesAs for the onset of ED because of cat scratches, in medicine, there is ONLY one case when this happened. In September 2017, a man of 23 years old with chill, fever, and severe sweating was delivered to a Belgian hospital. He complained of severe pain in the pelvis, back, and testicles. Doctors diagnosed swollen lymph nodes. The man became very thin because of illness and he had problems with erection. However, with the described condition of the patient, erectile dysfunction is natural.

Similar symptoms can be caused by some sexually transmitted diseases, as well as lymphoma and oncological diseases in neglected condition. The man was examined, and tests showed that he had no cancer, infections, or HIV, but in the bone marrow were found the specific bacteria Bartonella henselae. What is Bartonella? These are bacteria that live in a cat’s body, and in rare cases, people can get infected by it from scratches.

Fortunately, the most difficult thing in this situation was the correct diagnosis. The treatment lasted three weeks with tetracycline. At the end of this time, the man was completely healthy and quickly restored his health and weight.

It is noteworthy that Bartonella itself does not cause the appearance of ED. But it so worsens the state of men’s health that ED becomes natural to a weakened-by-disease body. Sex is the last thing that a sick man needs.

Is Cat Scratch Fever Real?

Erectile dysfunctionStudies have shown that the hype around the Belgian man is not groundless – in some very rare cases, cat scratch fever can severely damage the health of a man, even cause ED on the background of a general weakening. However, this does not mean that the scratch of your beloved cat can cause such consequences. Bartonella is very rare, and not all cats are carriers. In addition, if you are scratched and infected by the carrier of the Bartonella, the disease can manifest in a very mild form. The mild course of the disease does not cause any problems with erection, and with proper treatment, it passes without a trace.

Bartonella can get into the body not only through a scratch. If an infected cat licks an open wound, it can send the bacterium into the bloodstream. So, how do you determine what has happened? If within two weeks the wound or scratch does not heal, swells, and then symptoms resembling the flu appear, then it’s time to sound an alarm.

The main carriers of Bartonella are fleas. Biting the animal, they infect it. The cat scratches the bite of a flea, resulting in its claws become filled with dirt containing bacteria. Because of this, a cat’s scratch can be dangerous for a person. The same goes for the saliva of the animal. Crushing the flea with teeth, the cat fills its mouth with dangerous bacteria. Many cats can be infected by each other by fighting between themselves. Studies have shown that one-third of all cats are infected with Bartonella, but this does not mean that every such cat poses a threat to a person. Remember – not every scratch causes a disease.

Most often, felines do not get sick, but they are carriers, and sometimes they themselves become ill because of this. The sick animal loses its appetite, chills and fever begin, eyes turn red, and vomiting occurs. These are the same symptoms that are observed in people who are sick. If this happens to your cat, immediately contact your veterinarian. If you notice a sick animal on the street, do not come into contact with it at all.

Symptoms of Cat Scratch Disease in Men

As already mentioned above, the disease caused by Bartonella can be treated successfully and fairly quickly. For treatment to be timely and successful, it is necessary to recognize the disease in time. It has its own signs, about which it is necessary to immediately consult with a doctor and proceed in the appropriate tests.

Weight lossThe main signs of Bartonella infection include:

  • inflammation of the scratch, the appearance of pustules;
  • weight loss;
  • sore throat;
  • temperature surges;
  • feeling of extreme fatigue;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • myalgia;
  • red eyes.

If you find yourself experiencing these symptoms, then give a blood sample for the analysis of the number of antibodies in your blood. The significant growth of antibodies means a response of the body to the disease.

In very rare cases, the symptoms of infection can be:

  • damage to internal organs;
  • granulomatous hepatitis;
  • encephalopathy;
  • parinaud oculoglandular syndrome.

Erection problems are also a very rare sign of this disease.

People with good immunity are much less likely to get sick. The weaker the immunity – the more likely human will be infected. The most vulnerable in this regard are small children, so they should not be allowed to play with unfamiliar cats. How can you prevent the disease? For this, the following rules must be observed:

  • do not provoke or malign your domestic cat in order that it does not scratch you;
  • keep your cat regularly inspected by your veterinarian;
  • regularly conduct flea prevention in your animal;
  • prevent the appearance of fleas in your home. If they have appeared, contact a special service;
  • keep your cat at home so it does not get infected from other animals;
  • if the cat scratches you, carefully treat the damaged skin.

Remember – rare cases of infection with bacteria are not a reason to abandon your pets.

So, Can Erection Problems Really Be Due to Cat Scratch?

In the world, there was a single case when feline scratches caused ED. In other cases, problems with potency were caused by poor health and rapid deterioration of its state. So do not be afraid of a cat’s infections – they do not pose a danger to your sexual power. Much more dangerous are an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, impaired blood circulation, and bad hormonal background. Therefore, if you find some of the first signs of ED, do not blame your cat for it, but go to a doctor. He will help to find the true cause of ED and will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The Best Tablets for ED Treatment

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