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Do you have male impotence? You pose a victim of a broken relationship. Satisfying a lady you love through sexual activity means having a strong, firm and fully erect penis. There are several meds to combat ED, but vardenafil is the best drug used by millions of men globally. Want to know why many men believe in this drug? Here is a secret to its efficacy.

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Showing 1–12 of 40 results

Purchase Brand Levitra (Vardenafil) for Sale


There are times when you don’t simply assume you perform well in bed or assume you perform a complete and satisfying sexual intercourse with a partner. If you fail to gain and maintain an erection every time you have sex, then impotence is the case.

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Problems of impotence exist in millions of men globally and it’s something that should not be neglected. Take action. There are several ways to treat this condition and using medicines including vardenafil can help rectify the situation and make you regain your penile erection that’s hard, strong and firm enough for a maximum and satisfying sexual activity.


Here is the detailed info on why vardenafil or brand Levitra is the best ED drug with high efficacy and better tolerability than any other med to treat male impotence.


Levitra Effectiveness for ED Treatment


ED conditions vary from man to man. Some men have easy to manage ED while others have chronic impotence. There are several meds to solve all erectile dysfunction but finding the better med depends on your health and how well you tolerate with a certain drug.


For a higher percentage of men with ED problems, Levitra has been their ultimate drug helping even those who have been into the extreme ED conditions. It’s a highly effective drug with better tolerability compared to sildenafil and tadalafil.


Structurally, Levitra (vardenafil) is similar to sildenafil but it’s nearly ten times more biochemically potent as a PDE5 inhibitor than sildenafil. That means a lower dose is needed (as it’s highly effective) to facilitate the erections when a man is sexual aroused. Uses of less dosage at a time potentially result in fewer side effects.


Compared to sildenafil or tadalafil, vardenafil (Levitra) is more selective to PDE5. Its side effects are less and its efficacy in treating male potency is high. With all these benefits, Levitra has been the top list of ED meds to rectify male potency.


You will benefit a lot (in regards to drug efficacy and tolerability) when you choose Levitra.


Main Work Principles of the Medicine


Strong erectionAs a highly selective PDE5 inhibitor, Levitra is designed to lower the chances of side effects as a PDE5 selector. Its aim is to prevent the natural body enzyme (PDE5) from destroying the active process of cGMP from releasing nitric oxide (NO) needed to soften and relax the penile arterial vessels for the adequate inflow of blood to the penis when a man is sexually aroused.


When there is adequate circulation of hot blood to the penis, it’s easy for a man to attain a fully erect, firm, strong and hard penis that can last longer for a complete and satisfying sexual intercourse.


Impotence occurs when the PDE5 enzyme prohibits or limits the functionality of cGMP.


When Does Levitra Pill Start to Work?


Levitra is a highly effective ED med taken as needed when anticipating sexual activity. Being a highly effective med, its onset of action is felt in under 30 minutes for most men.


There are some factors that may affect the first onset of action of Levitra. First is the different metabolism process which varies from man to man. Secondly, it depends on how we take this mediation. Some men take it in a dry state while others prefer taking with meals (and in this case, fatty meals may delay its onset of action), that’s why it is recommended that you take Levitra dose an hour earlier prior to any sexual activity.


The half-life of Levitra is 4 to 6 hours and its duration of effect lasts up to 5 – 8 hours long.


How to Use Levitra?


Levitra is available for sale in various dose strengths. There is Levitra 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. Before taking this med, it’s necessary to consult with a doctor to assess your health for any possible health concerns that might affect how this drug functions.


Some health problems may cause adverse effects that may be life-threatening. Follow your medical specialist instructions carefully on how to safely use this med.


Vardenafil is a daily dose taken as needed when anticipating sexual intercourse. The 10 mg of this drug is the recommended dose taken an hour earlier before the anticipated action. A man can adjust to a lower dose or higher dose, depending on the drug efficacy and tolerability that can give a man the ultimate performance needed for a fully satisfying sexual intercourse.


You may take this med with a meal or in a dry state and don’t take more than 1 tab within 24 hours as it may lead to overdose and causing some side effects due to a higher concentration of vardenafil in the body.


Side Effects of Levitra


Being highly effective and tolerable doesn’t mean there are no side effects. In fact, this drug (vardenafil) has the least side effects compared to any other ED medication.


For safe dosage, it’s very important to consult with a doctor to assess your health. Some effects may be due to a certain body illness or a drug interaction.


Hearing lossHere are common effects of vardenafil:


  • headache;
  • dyspepsia;
  • rhinitis/stuffy nose;
  • sinusitis;
  • increased creatine kinase;
  • nausea;
  • flushing;
  • flu syndrome;
  • dizziness.


These symptoms may fade away after some time with continual use of Levitra. Some effects are part of drug warnings or precautions. For example, the following adverse reactions can occur while under this medication:


  • cardiovascular effects;
  • priapism;
  • sudden hearing loss;
  • effects on bleeding;
  • effects on the eye especially sudden loss/decrease of vision in one or both eyes;
  • QT prolongation;
  • renal impairment.


There might be other effects that may arise. In case of any symptoms, don’t keep it back. Inform your doctor.


Interaction with Various Drugs and Food


As it is common to most medicine in the pharmaceutical realms, Levitra interaction with other meds can exist depending on the patient use of other drugs.


Foods work well with vardenafil. But there are some drugs that, when coadministered with vardenafil, can cause severe health problems.


In this case, it’s necessary to list all the meds you are using to a medical specialist to assess if it’s well with vardenafil. Your health is paramount and it’s your responsibility to understand what types of drugs should not be used when using vardenafil for impotence.


ED medicineMeds to be avoided include:


  • nitrate meds;
  • alpha-blockers and antihypertensives agents. Levitra may affect blood pressure lowering effects;
  • although there is no known interaction with alcohol, it’s often checked as alcohol is known to contribute to adverse reactions to some medications. While using Levitra, avoid taking too much alcohol if you can’t fully abandon it;
  • potent CYP3A4 inhibitors i.e. ketoconazole, ritonavir, and indinavir.


This list may not be complete. In any case, let your doctor tell you all the important detail pertaining the drugs you are using be it OTC meds, recreational drugs, prescription meds or herbal remedies.


Reviews and Ratings


Brand Levitra and its generic alternative are known to be highly effective and well tolerable. It’s the best drug with its onset of the action happens in less than 20 minutes and associated with very few side effects.


These benefits make the drug the most favorable attracting positive review from the users based on its efficacy and tolerability. Ratings or client reviews help other potential clients take note of the effect of this drug.


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