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How Do Physical Exercises Cure Impotence?

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How Do Physical Exercises Cure Impotence?

Exercise is always good for men’s muscles, joints, blood pressure, heart, and mood. If these significant benefits are not enough for you to start running, walking or swimming, then improved erectile function will surely be a crucial factor.

Erectile dysfunction (or ED) is one of the leading health problems that makes male life unbearable. Luckily, this disorder is a common condition that can be easily treated. Most men decide to try natural remedies before they turn to ED pills. Exercise is one of the non-invasive methods used to cure male sexual disorders.

Along with herbs and natural supplements, it is very effective and safe in increasing male sexual ability, stamina, and muscle mass. This article will portray the importance of exercises in ED treatment and highlight the most efficient ones to be used as a part of this treatment.

The Influence of Men’s Lifestyle on Erectile Problems

Impotence is described as the inability to get an erection. This dysfunction is caused by various factors, both physical and psychological issues, and greatly deteriorates the quality of male life. It may be the cause of diabetes, blood flow disorders, heart diseases, or obesity, as well as nerve damage and stress which worsen the situation. If men feel scared of hearing about tablets, the first step to improve sexual performance is to make lifestyle changes and to exercise.

How do physical exercises cure impotence

The muscles that are connected to the male reproductive organ should be also strengthened and trained like any other muscles in a human body. This fact is proven by numerous studies which demonstrate the efficiency of such exercises. Participants in these trials always have greater recovery rates and significantly improved erection quality.

The level of endorphins is increased during exercises, which are known to stimulate a release of sex hormones. Physical activity also improves mood, lowers blood pressure, promotes better digestion, and lowers stress hormones.

Those men who lead a sedentary life should become healthier human beings and reach a higher fitness level than they currently have. A group of muscles involved in a sexual act cannot work satisfactorily if these muscles are weak. They actually need a complete redeveloping. If men increase muscle tone of muscles involved in sex, consequently the blood flow in the pelvic zone will be amplified. It will result in better sexual performance. With stronger sexual muscles, men are able to control all movements and actions during sexual intercourse. They become able to regulate the erection process and its duration.

Hypodynamia, smoking, alcohol, obesity, and unhealthy eating habits contribute to the development of ED. The blood vessels become constricted and carry less blood to the male organ. So, if you know the saying “use it or lose it,” this is exactly the case. If men don’t use and train their pelvic muscles, they lose strength and size as well as the ability to function properly. If you don’t want to feel embarrassed in bed, let’s get down to work!

Does Yoga Help Against Impotence?


Stress is one of the causes that leads to erectile dysfunction. Yoga practice is an efficient way to diminish stress and cope with ED.

Yoga is a non-pharmacological way to soothe your mind and body. Poses don’t matter much, but regular yoga performance helps to maintain balance, flexibility, and relaxation. The intense stretching promotes better blood flow and relaxes pelvic muscles, which are too strained after sitting for long periods of time.

Hold poses for 1-3 minutes and focus on your breath. For some people, such exercises help with digestion and stimulate the organs in the abdomen. Stretching of the groin and inner thighs stimulates the bladder, prostate gland, and kidneys. Stretching the muscles of the whole body develops flexibility.


Yoga is an excellent stress reliever that also increases mental health along with providing physical benefits. It has no side effects and there are numerous human trials showing positive treatment results. For example, after 3 months of yoga for ED practice, 40 participants in a group of 65 volunteers reported significant improvements in sexual scores. These scores don’t imply mere erections, but also desire, confidence, ejaculatory control, performance, and orgasm.

Find a local yoga studio and start perfecting your form.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises

In addition to yoga, pelvic floor muscle exercises can also help to manage ED. The pelvic muscles span the testes and the base of the male organ. Most people associate these exercises with women, because they are usually performed to strengthen muscles before childbirth. Men also benefit from this training for better muscles control and their extra strength. They help to deal with an overactive bladder and promote other important functions related to penis health.

Men use pelvic floor muscles often during the day without noticing it. When they urinate, they relax this group of muscles and contract them as they stop the flow of urine. The same muscles are involved in maintaining an erection, so their training is helpful in treating ED.

According to one study conducted by British scientists, pelvic floor exercises along with aerobic exercises helped 40% of men from a trial group to regain erectile functions. Physical activity makes blood vessels more elastic, so more blood can reach sex organs. Besides, it stimulates the production of nitrogen oxide, which dilates the blood vessels. This is the same working principle of most ED drugs.

Erectile Dysfunction and Kegel Exercises

Erectile dysfunctionPelvic floor exercises are generally known as kegel exercises (or kegels), named after their inventor, US gynecologist Arnold Kegel. It is a simple training, for which men need no special equipment. It takes only a few minutes a day, and after a course of a couple of months, it helps to cure ED.

Firstly, let’s identify pelvic floor muscles that are going to be trained. Any man can check them by tensing his muscles, as if he is trying to prevent an urination process. When men squeeze these muscles, they feel them lift into their body.

Then, hold this squeezing motion, counting to five. Relax the muscles and have a rest for another five seconds. Repeat the exercise counting to five again. Fulfill this training between 8 to 10 times and have a break for two minutes.

Most doctors recommend repeating it for three sets. Use “dead” time to exercise your muscles: waiting for your turn, sitting in a traffic, or during ad breaks while watching TV. For better results, it can be performed in different positions: lying, sitting, or standing. In addition, men can alternate between long and short squeezes for a more challenge. Don’t push with your buttocks or stomach and don’t hold your breath.

Everyday training will help to improve sexual performance and erectile function. It is scientifically proven to have a positive impact on male ability to sustain an erection.

The same exercise can be performed during urination, when a stream is stopped several times. Some men report that they also developed better bladder control.

However, these exercises cannot be thought as a 100% guarantee of ED treatment. This is only one part of combating sexual disorders. In more severe ED cases, men need an advanced treatment approach, which may include tablets and herbs as well.

What Else Can Help Men to Treat ED?

Sexual disorders are usually caused by insufficient blood flow to the reproductive organ. Diabetes, obesity, vascular diseases, and high cholesterol affect blood flow and may be responsible in ED emergence. Lifestyle changes, sport, and a correct medication program will help to combat this problem.

In addition to pelvic floor training, involve aerobic exercises in your daily routine. Even a 30-minute walk a day will have a great influence on a male ability to achieve an erection and improve his cardiovascular health.

Other useful cardio exercises include dancing, running, rowing, and swimming. The main key to get accustomed to regular training is to choose an activity that you enjoy without that terrible feeling when you force yourself to be engaged into it. Make it an everyday habit and soon it will become an inevitable part of your life. Don’t forget, training can improve ED as long as men stick to the exercise regime. If they fall back into old habits, it will erase all the ED benefits that have been received earlier.

Buying in online storeWeight training also acts as an aerobic exercise, because it improves the functioning of endothelium – an inner lining of blood vessels. It increases bone strength, lowers blood pressure, and improves muscle definition, which in turn leads to higher self-esteem.

In combination with effective ED medicines, men can get the full recovery of sexual functions. Try such proven and safe medications at BuyEDTab as Cialis, Viagra, Kamagra, Stendra, Staxyn, etc. They make miracles reinforced by healthy food rich in vitamins and sport.

You will surely have significant improvements without surgical interventions. Talk with your urologist to find out about treatment options that would be right for you. Exercises are only one supporting factor in a total complex for combating ED, but still it should not be underestimated.