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Let’s face it: although Viagra online sale and sales of the other erectile dysfunction medication often exceed $3 billion every year, there is still a social stigma associated with the drug. And even in today’s liberated society, where there has been a marked increase in acceptance of previously taboo ideas, and open dialogue around sexual practices, men everywhere still do not feel comfortable walking into a pharmacy to submit a prescription for Viagra. Luckily, Viagra Bitcoins adds an element of anonymity thanks to being an online retailer of the ED medication. No need for anyone to stand shame-faced, meekly passing over the prescription as the pharmacy tech quirks an eyebrow, ever again; a few clicks of your mouse from the privacy of your own home couldn’t make it easier and more anonymous. Using Bitcoin can make the Viagra online sale even more anonymous.

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Viagra Online Sale and Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? It is a form of online currency, and it is quickly becoming the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to spend money on the web. When you download your Bitcoin wallet, there is no need to enter credit card information. There is no need to link with a bank, and thus, deal with transaction fees and holding periods. And you can make (and receive) payments without sharing any personal information, which makes your virtual transactions as anonymous as paying in cash. In fact, as the Bitcoin website itself states, “Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet.”

Sounds too good to be true, right? But the truth is Bitcoin uses military grade cryptography to create a massive public ledger that records every Bitcoin transaction. But rather than organize the transactions by name or other personal identifiers, Bitcoin creates a unique “address” for each transaction. In other words, Bitcoin assigns a randomly-selected string of numbers to each of your transactions, and that unique string of numbers is the only information associated with that transaction. Therefore, the only way for businesses to connect transactions with you – or for hackers to get to your personal information – is to somehow deduce the random sequence of numbers is attached to your transaction.

That’s quite an undertaking for even the most skilled hacker. So yes, that means when you purchase Viagra online sale specials using Bitcoin, Viagra Bitcoins won’t even know you are the consumer. When it comes to buying Viagra online sale, the best way to ensure your complete and total privacy is to set up a Bitcoin account, and then use it to purchase your Viagra online sale tablets here.

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Of course, that’s not all. In addition to the cheaper costs of having a Bitcoin account – the lowest transaction fees available – we offer the best and most unbelievable prices for ED medications anywhere. And you can’t beat our incredible Viagra online sale – such as this limited time offer to purchase Viagra online sale tablets for as little as $0.79 each.

You read that right! $0.79 each. The average cost of a Viagra tablet in the United States is $25.00, so you can save as much as 98% on a medication that can have a profound influence on so many areas of your life. You might even be willing to sacrifice your privacy for those kinds of savings.

Luckily, you have the anonymity and low cost of Bitcoin, and the incredible deals and Viagra inline sale, so that even with 98% savings, you’ll never have to stand embarrassed in front of a pharmacy tech ever again.