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Priligy 60mg 100 Pills from India

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Premature ejaculationWhen talking about sexual problems, first of all, there are thoughts about erectile dysfunction. However, there is no less common trouble – premature ejaculation (PE). It is generally accepted that this problem occurs only in young men, but in reality, even adult, mature men, are often face it. Fortunately, there is a drug that allows prolonging sexual intercourse in several times and to have full enjoying it. This is a generic Priligy on the dapoxetine basis, which is not inferior to the original in nothing.


Priligy 60mg Pills for Premature Ejaculation


Generic Priligy 60 mg favorably differs from the brand drug: it has the same properties and active substance, but its cost is much lower. In addition, it can be bought without prescription.

What is this medicine? The main active substance of Priligy is dapoxetine, which was created as an antidepressant and is a selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake. Studies have shown that to treat depression, dapoxetine is not very suitable, but it has a very interesting side effect – it stops ejaculation and makes sexual intercourse longer. The drug is still not approved by the FDA, but numerous studies have recognized it as safe. Priligy’s high efficacy has made it popular in the United States and many other countries around the world.

The main advantages of Priligy include:

  • lack of addiction;
  • effect after the first intake;
  • good tolerability;
  • well-combined with drugs for ED treatment;
  • allows you to control ejaculation.

Priligy can be taken for a fairly long period. Some doctors believe that when taking this medication for a long time there is the cumulative effect, and the tablets work best after a few weeks of regular use. However, this version is not proven yet. If you tried this medication and it suited you well, then order Priligy 60 mg 100 pills at once. Such a large order in the BuyEDTab online pharmacy will help you spare a lot of money. BuyEDTab is the best place to buy high-quality and cheap drugs from India – numerous reviews from our customers prove this.


How Do Tablets Work?


DapoxetineAs mentioned above, dapoxetine is a selective inhibitor of serotonin uptake. Drugs of this group usually have such a side effect as a decrease in sensitivity and sexual desire up to erectile dysfunction.

Priligy is very quickly excreted from the body and does not last long, so this side effect can be considered as an advantage. The delay in ejaculation is caused by the fact that the drug does not allow serotonin to enter the nerve cells and return it back to the blood flow.

No matter what is caused PE – emotional overexcitation, long waiting for sex or high sensitivity – Priligy is equally effective in all cases. The drug does not improve the erection, so if you also have ED, then together with Priligy it is recommended to take such generics as Cialis, Viagra, Levitra, Stendra or other PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) inhibitors that can also be bought over the counter. There are also medicines that already have a combination of dapoxetine and PDE5 inhibitors – Super P-Force and Tadapox.

Priligy operates for six hours, and fully removed from the body in 12 hours.


Taking Generic Priligy


For better effect, the tablets should be taken one to two hours before the proposed sex. You can use them both before meals and after, but it is important to remember that fatty foods can slow the absorption of the drug (for a little). A day is recommended to take no more than 60 mg of the drug (30 mg is considered the optimal dosage that is suitable for most men). In case, you are just starting to take Priligy, it is best to start with 30 mg or lower dosage. When this is not enough, you can increase the dose up to 60 mg if the drug is well-tolerated.

You can take the medicine daily, but doctors strongly recommend refuse the daily intake.


Is It Safe for Men?


Do not look for a potent drug that would be absolutely safe – this is unreal. Priligy is considered to be a sufficiently safe mean if it is correctly taken without increasing the maximum dosage.

Contraindications of PriligyThe drug is dangerous for those men who have contraindications to intake. They include:

  • severe arrhythmia;
  • blood pressure surges;
  • renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • severe heart disease;
  • stroke or heart attack suffered in the recent past;
  • lactose intolerance;
  • intolerance to dapoxetine;
  • epilepsy;
  • heavy mental disorders;
  • glaucoma;
  • high intraocular pressure;
  • convulsions.

If you have any chronic health problems, a tendency to depression and periodically suffer from obsessive thoughts (including suicidal), be sure to consult with your doctor before buying this drug.


Priligy 60mg Side Effects


As was already mentioned above, Priligy is well-tolerated by the vast majority of men. This medication rarely causes side effects, especially dangerous ones. The appearance of mild side effects is observed only in 1-10% of all cases. The likelihood of a negative effect is proportional to the dosage, so if you notice the unwanted symptoms at 60 mg, lower the dose to 30 mg.

Priligy 60mg side effectsThe most common side effects are:

  • insomnia;
  • anxiety, emotional overexcitation;
  • severe drowsiness, impaired attention;
  • tremor;
  • impaired vision;
  • ringing in ears;
  • feeling of heat, sweating;
  • nausea, stomach upset and pain, flatulence;
  • weakness, fatigue;
  • erectile dysfunction.

More rarely, the following effects occur:

  • sudden mood swings, confusion;
  • impossibility to reach orgasm;
  • visual impairment, pain in eyes;
  • fainting;
  • too long sleep time;
  • severe pain in the stomach;
  • feeling of intoxication;
  • strong dizziness;
  • “hot flashes”;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • cold sweat;
  • blood pressure surges.

Very rare side effects are:

  • need for urgent defecation;
  • sudden falling asleep;
  • dizziness during and after physical activity.

If side effects occur, it is advisable to cancel the drug and consult a doctor. He will help you choose the right dosage or advise you to change the medicine.




To ensure that Priligy is as safe as possible, it is important to know with what it can be combined. Although it requires no prescription, you need to carefully examine all the drugs that you are taking, since the wrong combination can be detrimental to health.

Interaction with alcohol, tablets and foodsDapoxetine cannot be combined with the following medicines:

  • MAO inhibitors, as this can cause an overdose and a serotonin syndrome;
  • lithium salts;
  • cimetidine;
  • warfarin;
  • atypical antipsychotics.

Taking aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen is not completely prohibited, but in combination with dapoxetine, these drugs increase the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. With sedatives (including of plant nature), dapoxetine can cause severe drowsiness.

Alcohol drinking during treatment is strongly discouraged.

As for food, there are no bans, except for one product – grapefruit. It significantly reduces the effectiveness of Priligy and slows its excretion from the body, thereby increasing the risk of side effects.


Users’ Reviews


If you are thinking about how to get Priligy, but still doubt the effectiveness of this medication, be sure to check out the reviews of those men who have already bought generic and have changed their intimate life for the better.


How to Get Cheap Priligy 60mg 100 Pills in the USA?


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