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Levitra 60 mg Vardenafil

Levitra 60 mg is a powerful drug to cure erectile dysfunction. Effectively eliminate impotence of any nature. It should be taken only after consulting with a doctor.

Showing all 8 results

Showing all 8 results

Buy Generic Levitra 60 mg Online


Every man wants to live a full-fledged sex life, and because of this, people have tried to find an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction for thousands of years. However, despite all their attempts, effective medicine was found only at the end of the 20th century and it was the legendary Viagra. This drug is still at the peak of popularity among the medicine used to treat impotence, although due to the fact that in many countries there is still a brand mark-up on Viagra, its price is very high.


For men who want to live an active sex life, this price is a big obstacle to achieving their goals and therefore these men often use generics. Among such generics, there is one very curious option called Levitra. It is one of the best genetics used to treat erectile dysfunction.


Buying a generic from an online store can be a very profitable decision if you need frequent use of drugs for the treatment of impotence. Also, buying a generic online is the only way to get a cheap and high-quality drug to renew male power for men in whose countries the patent on Viagra still remains valid. Levitra 60mg will be the best solution for those men who suffer from severe erectile dysfunction. Its dosage is 60 mg of vardenafil, which is three times higher than the standard.

Levitra 60 mg vardenafil


Brief Information About Levitra 60 mg


In addition to everything mentioned above, Levitra 60 mg will also help those men who can't use drugs with a high dosage of the active substance due to various chronic diseases or are over 65 years old. For example, the same legendary Viagra can’t be used by elderly men.


The duration of the vardenafil effect is approximately six to eight hours (depends on the metabolic rate) and during this period you can have sex several times, which is extremely convenient.


Mechanism of Action


Vardenafil is the main active component of Levitra, which has a very mild effect. It effectively relaxes smooth muscles, contributes to the filling of the penis with blood by 100% during an erection, and also suppresses PDE5 (phosphodiesterase 5) enzymes. If the first two points are relatively clear, what are these PDE5 enzymes? These are enzymes the body of a healthy man begins to be produced only after orgasm. In men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, these enzymes can begin their work at any time, even during sex. Levitra blocks their work and therefore a person using this generic may not worry about the fact that erection will fail him at the most inappropriate moment.


Levitra begins its work only in the presence of sexual arousal as this drug reacts to nitric oxide, which is produced in the blood of a man in this condition. If a man doesn't experience sexual arousal at all, then with this medication he needs the additional simultaneous use of a stimulant.


Dosage and Usage Tips


Vardenafil drug60 mg is a very high dosage, which is intended for the treatment of severe forms of ED. This means that this drug can't be used for problems with potency caused by stress and self-doubts, or as a "safety net." For daily use, this medicine is also not suitable.


Levitra 60 mg will act as fast as possible if you take the tablet on an empty stomach with plenty of water. The action will come in 20-40 minutes. Food doesn’t change the effect of the drug, so the drug can be taken while eating. However, in this case, the absorption of the active substance will be delayed, and the effect will come a little later.


It is strictly forbidden to take more than one tablet per day, as this can cause serious harm to health, causing an overdose.


The main contraindications to taking medications include:


  • oncological diseases of the blood;
  • sudden pressure surges;
  • severe disorders of the liver, kidneys, and heart;
  • low or high blood pressure;
  • severe anemia;
  • uncontrolled arrhythmia.


If you have any chronic disease, your age is over 65 years old, or you are not sure about your state of health, consult with a doctor before taking Levitra 60 mg.


More About Levitra Uses

Side Effects from Levitra 60 mg Use


Since 60 mg of vardenafil is a quite high dosage, there is a high likelihood of side effects. However, even in this case, the undesirable symptoms are rare. Most often these happen at the first-time use, but if they are absent then, they will remain so with further use.


HeadacheIf side effects appear, reduce the dosage if appropriate, or discontinue use of the medication altogether. Most often, the following effects are observed:


  • intense heart palpitations;
  • low blood pressure;
  • redness of the skin due to blood rush;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • dyspepsia;
  • dizziness.


If any of these effects don't go away within a few days after the drug withdrawal, then you should consult with a doctor.


Interaction with Alcohol, Food, and Medications


Levitra 60 mg is a fairly safe drug, but only if it is taken properly. There is a list of drugs with which vardenafil can't be combined:


  1. All nitrate-containing drugs.
  2. Some fungal medications.
  3. First generation antibiotics.
  4. Antiretroviral medications.


Also, at any time you use PDE5 inhibitors, it is necessary to abandon the "club" narcotics and large amounts of alcohol. Alcohol in very small quantities (one bottle of beer or glass of wine) is acceptable.


Food doesn’t affect the action of Levitra, but there is one exception and this is grapefruit. When vardenafil is combined with this fruit, a decrease in efficacy is noted, and side effects are also observed more often.


What Do Users Say About Levitra 60 mg?


Cheap drugs often cause doubts, especially when it comes to potent drugs. This is understandable, since everyone knows that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. However, generic Levitra 60 mg is an exception – the price of this medicine is several times less than that its branded counterparts, but the effectiveness is no less. This is the best choice for those who care about the result and effectiveness, not the fame of the medicine.


Multiple online reviews about Levitra confirm that this drug is indeed very effective in treating ED, despite its low cost. Almost all drug buyers were very pleased with their purchase.


Users Experience Of Levitra

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